Championship Game

A player from Team KKK (white, with members coming from various places) tries to block a pass from a member of Metro Manila’s Team Roaches (red) during the championship match… »

Hot Piaya

A woman cooks piaya, a delicacy originally from Negros, in the side streets of Iligan City on Thursday (30 January 2014), selling them for P6 apiece for the chocolate version,… »

Enjoying the Sun

Enjoying the rare good weather in these parts, fishermen catching fish in the shallow waters of Initao, Misamis Oriental call it a day by noon Tuesday, 28 January 2014. MindaNews… »

Bridge Repair

Commuters continue to cross the Lapayan River in Lanao del Norte by banca as of Sunday 26 January 2014 as workers repair the bridge connecting the municipalities of Linamon and… »

Flights Resume

Relatives of airline passengers at the Laguindingan Airport in Misamis Oriental attempt a last glimpse of their loved ones when flights resumed Thursday (16 January 2014) after several days of… »


Passengers anxiously wait for status of their flights at the Laguindingan Airport in Misamis Oriental on Tuesday (14 January 2014) as a low pressure area dumped rains in many parts… »

MINDANAO 2013: Mindanao finally learns its lesson; was “over-prepared” for Yolanda

ILIGAN CITY (MindaNews/ 05 January) — Mindanao may have been fortunate to be spared  Yolanda’s wrath, but it preoccupied Mindanawons nevertheless, after typhoon Sendong and super typhoon Pablo devastated many… »

Sunset by the Bay

A young family enjoys the sunset in Dapitan City on Friday, 3 January 2014. MindaNews photo by Bobby Timonera

Backhoes at Work

Runners in Iligan City pause as two backhoes work on a portion of the circumferential road in Iligan City Thursday (2 January 2014). Known to locals as “C3,” this highway… »

Dodiongan Falls

A boy enjoys a jump into the water at the foot of Dodiongan Falls in Digkilaan, Iligan City on Sunday morning (22 Dec 2013). MindaNews photo by Bobby Timonera

Puto Bumbong in Iligan

For the first time, puto bumbong, a delicacy common in the northern part of the country, is being sold during “simbang gabi” outside the St. Michael’s Cathedral in Iligan City.… »

A World of His Own

Oblivious of the world around him, this boy enjoys his quiet moment in the shade in the trisikad under his father’s mobile fruit stand at the Palao market in Iligan… »

Kids at Work

In Calanogas, Lanao del Sur, children manage the traffic in the portion of the Narciso Ramos Highway that is undergoing repair. MindaNews witnessed the children at work on Wednesday, 11… »

Road Repair

Workers repair a portion of the Narciso Ramos Highway in Kapatagan, Lanao del Sur on Monday, 9 Dec 2013. The highway connects the cities of Cotabato and Marawi. MindaNews photo… »

Race Against the Rain

Fishermen in Dapitan City, Zamboanga del Norte rush to the shore when strong rains hit the coast Sunday morning (8 Dec 2013). MindaNews photo by Bobby Timonera

Buko Shed

Workers build “buko sheds” for picnickers near the foot of Tinago Falls in the boundary of Iligan City and Linamon, Lanao del Norte on Tuesday, 3 Dec 2013. Two of… »

Bat Sanctuary No More

A startled “flying fox” soars as another one sleeps on a mangrove tree devastated by Typhoon Yolanda in what used to be a bat sanctuary in Tabuk Island off Palompon,… »

Destruction of giant bat sanctuary a great loss for Palompon–envi exec

TABUK ISLAND, Palompon, Leyte (MindaNews / 29 November) – The devastation wrought by Typhoon Yolanda in this municipality is substantial, though fortunately the people heeded the call to seek refuge… »

Restoring Power

A lineman works overtime to help restore electricity in Palompon, Leyte on Thursday (28 Nov 2013). MindaNews photo by Bobby Timonera

Charging Picnic

Because there’s still no power in the households, residents of Palompon, Leyte gather at the public plaza at night to charge cellphones, flashlights and other rechargeable devices with electricity provided… »

Queueing for the Clinic

An old woman waits for her turn for consultation during a medical mission conducted by a team from the Department of Health – Region 10 in Barangay Palarao in the… »

Makeshift Clinic

A medical team from the Department of Health-Region 10 headed by Dr. Cheryl Balane sets up clinic in a typhoon-damaged community stage in Barangay Palarao in the municipality of Leyte,… »

Still in Darkness

More than two weeks after Yolanda devastated many parts of the Visayas, households in the municipality of Palompon in Leyte still do not have electricity. So far, only some thoroughfares… »

Crying Baby

An infant cries while being examined by a doctor at a free clinic for “Yolanda” survivors conducted outside the Palompon General Hospital in Leyte on Tuesday, 26 Nov 2013. Volunteer… »

Beautiful Sunset

Beautiful the sunset may be in Palompon, Leyte on Monday (25 Nov 2013), but it shows a desolate landscape devastated by “Yolanda,” that even the trees are stripped of their… »

One-legged Barefoot Runner

Born with a limb anomaly, 11-year-old Prelyn joins passing running enthusiasts in the mountains of Pugaan in Iligan City Sunday morning (20 Oct. 2013). She runs with only one leg,… »

Shallow Fishing

Fishermen spread their net to trap a school of fish in the shallow waters of Initao in Misamis Oriental early morning Wednesday (16 October 2013). MindaNews photo by Bobby Timonera

Chopping Firewood

An old woman cuts small branches from shrubs she gathered by the mountainside of Del Carmen in Iligan City Sunday morning (13 October 2013) for use as firewood. MindaNews photo… »

Diyandi Festival

Iligan City opens its Diyandi Festival Sept. 20, 2013 with the Kasadya Street Dancing Contest and the “Pagpakanug” rites at the St. Michael’s Cathedral, wherein the statue of the city’s… »

Good vs. Evil

The triumph of good over evil in the epic battle between St. Michael the Archangel and Lucifer is played out in the streets during the Kasadya Street Dancing Contest on… »

Media Rally

Media workers in Iligan City stage a rally Monday afternoon (2 September 2013) condemning the killing of  radio commentator Fernando “Nanding” Solijon. The broadcaster was slain by motorcycle-riding assailants last… »

Sunday Wash

Residents wash their clothes and motorbikes by the river in Pugaan, Iligan City Sunday morning, 25 August 2013. MindaNews photo by Bobby Timonera  

Ukay-ukay Shopping

A lumad woman shops at an ukay-ukay (surplus imported clothing) store in Maramag, Bukidnon on 8 August 2013. MindaNews photo by Bobby Timonera  

Gathering Firewood

Children gather fallen branches for firewood around Lake Pinamaloy in Don Carlos, Bukidnon on Sunday, 14 July 2013. The local community has planted a lot of trees around the 60-hectare… »

Lake Pinamaloy

The 60-hectare Lake Pinamaloy, situated just beside the poblacion, is the source of potable water for the municipality of Don Carlos in southern Bukidnon. Its serene and clean water, and… »

Running around Lake Pinamaloy

BEING involved in a project in the southern part of Bukidnon and staying in the area for a few weeks, among my first concerns was to find a place to… »

Beach Walk

A beachgoer enjoys a walk at dusk in Samal Island, Davao del Norte on 10 July 2013. MindaNews photo by Bobby Timonera  

Daredevil Driver

This is not your usual “Skylab” of a motorbike with wooden planks extending on the sides as extension seats, but big rattan baskets accommodating 2 children on both sides for… »

Inline Skating

It’s rollerblading Sunday for these kids spotted at the Pryce Properties in Tubod, Iligan City 23 June 2013. MindaNews photo by Bobby Timonera  

Gone Fishing

A fisherman casts his net early in the shallow water near the shoreline of Opol in Misamis Oriental Sunday, 2 June 2013. MindaNews photo by Bobby Timonera

Overtime Work

Laborers work on the drainage of Iligan City’s still unfinished circumferential road, more popularly called as C3, Saturday morning, 1 June 2013. MindaNews photo by Bobby Timonera

Dead to the World

A boy sleeps soundly in the arms of his grandfather during a bus ride from Cagayan de Oro to Iligan noon Sunday 11 May 2013. MindaNews photo by Bobby Timonera… »

TRAVEL: Asik-asik Falls: Tinago’s big brother

ALAMADA, North Cotabato (MindaNews / 04 May) – I’m one who’s not easily impressed by waterfalls that enthrall many. I am, after all, from “The City of Waterfalls.” What others… »

Motorcycle is king

In many of Mindanao’s remote areas with rough roads, like this one in Barangay Dado in Alamada, North Cotabato taken 27 April 2013, motorcycles are the only affordable means of… »

Summer at Timoga Cool Springs

You know it’s  summer when picnickers troop to the swimming pools at the Timoga cool springs in Iligan City even during weekdays and workdays like Tuesday, April 2. MindaNews photo… »

Maundy Thursday retreat

Fr.  Roberto Yap, SJ, President of Xavier University, leads Maundy Thursday mass at Xavier University chapel in Cagayan de Oro City. MindaNews photo by Bobby Timonera

Palm Sunday in Iligan

Churchgoers wait for the priest to bless their fronds during Palm Sunday at the Redemptorist Church in Iligan City. MindaNews photo by Bobby Timonera

Planting Rice

 How do you plant rice in the scorching midafternoon sun in the middle of summer? With an umbrella, of course, as these women in Oroquieta City in Misamis Occidental did… »

Sunset at Dakak

Vacationers enjoy a spectacular sunset at Dakak in Dapitan City, Zamboanga del Norte Friday 15 March 2013. MindaNews photo by Bobby Timonera

Free for all on a stormy day

With traffic aides absent during the strong rains brought by Tropical Depression Crising, it’s a free for all for buses and large trucks  traversing a one-lane road repair area in… »

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