Aftermath: Lustre Street

Lustre Street in the aftermath of heavy fighting at Barangay Santa Barbara, Zamboanga City during the three-week standoff. MindaNews photo by Jowel F. Canuday | Watch Slideshow

Shattered homes, shattered dreams

Before the standoff between government forces and the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) under founding chair Nur Misuari began on September 9, the adjacent blocks of Lustre Street and Martha… »

PERSONAL ESSAY: Zamboanga Dreams: Freedom from Fear

For decades, the string of communities at the center of conflagrations in Zamboanga had served as sanctuaries for families displaced by long-standing wars off the shores of the city. Now,… »

PERSONAL ESSAY: Requiem to a Gun-less Warrior

“At the age of eight, I witnessed a massacre which I barely escaped from and where we lost three uncles and an aunt. Vividly, I could still recall the smoking… »

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