Mind Games Include Pacquiao’s Training

McALLEN, Texas (MindaNews / 26 March) – Eight Division World Boxing champion Manny Pacquiao does a strenuous physical activity for eight hours everyday, yet interestingly he also engages in a… »

Pinoy in US bets hard-earned money for trip home on Pacquiao

McALLEN, Texas (MindaNews/13 March) – George Cortes (not his real name) of Florida plans to go home for a vacation to the Philippines next year. He saved up $3,000 for… »

US boxing promoter to Pacman: all I want for Christmas is an out-of-court settlement

McALLEN, TEXAS (MindaNews/23 December) – A Mexican-American boxing promoter Edmundo Lozano of the Imperial Ed Promotions in South Texas who sued Manny Pacquiao for  $1.8 million for  alleged breach of… »

NEWS ANALYSIS: How can Pacquiao Both Serve as Boxer and Congressman?

ARLINGTON, Texas (MindaNews/14 November) – Manny Pacquiao is bringing home to the Philippines his eighth world boxing title, the WBC super welterweight championship. He said he will continue fighting in… »

Pacquiao says Margarito was toughest foe

ARLINGTON, TEXAS ( MindaNews/14 November ) – Without any hesitation, the eight-division world boxing champion Manny Pacquiao admitted Antonio Margarito was the toughest opponent he has ever fought. “He’s very… »

Pacquiao looks more dangerous at 144 pounds

ARLINGTON, TEXAS ( MindaNews/13 November) – While Mexican Antonio Margarito tipped the scale at the 150 pound catch weight yesterday, seven-division world title boxer Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao surprisingly weighed lighter… »

Very hungry Margarito vows to KO Pacquiao

ARLINGTON, Texas ( MindaNews/11 Nov) – A very hungry Antonio Margarito promised World Boxing Council (WBC) President Jose Sulaiman there will be a new Mexican super welterweight boxing champion on… »

Young Fil-Am skips class to meet Pacquiao

GRAPEVINE, Texas (MindaNews/11 Nov) – This is now the third time since 2007 that Fil-Am Jonas Padullon had set out to personally meet world boxing sensation Manny Pacquiao. [zdvideo]http://mindanews.com/video/filam.flv [/zdvideo]… »

Pacquiao to rely on speed in defeating Margarito

GRAPEVINE, Texas  ( MindaNews/10 November) – World boxing champion and Sarangani congressman Manny Pacquiao has decided to rely on his speed when he tangles with Mexican Antonio Margarito for the… »

US Boxing Promoter Struggles Whether to Sue His Idol, Manny Pacquiao

MCALLEN, TEXAS ( MindaNews/5 November) -  Emotions are now running high as  the Pacquiao-Margarito world boxing title fight is barely one week away, yet a boxing promoter in south Texas… »

Pacman to downgrade Antonio "Tornado" Margarito into a mere tropical storm

ARLINGTON,  Texas (MindaNews/05 September) —  An air of  excitement was evident during last Friday’s end of a three-day media tour announcing the November 13 WBC Junior Middleweight title fight between… »

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