Keeping Davao City restos alive with live grouper

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews/25 May) — The recent surge in visitors coming to Davao as a result of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte’s impending ascension to the presidency has benefited many local businesses,… »

A Gentle shaft of light shines on Kadtabanga through Shariah

  COTABATO CITY (MindaNews/13 November) – It’s not every day that one encounters a great woman Moro leader who not only commands respect and allegiance from her fellow leaders from… »

Exploring science and solutions

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews/06 October) — Filipino ingenuity is developed when young inventors and innovators are given chances to dream and to develop ideas. When given platforms to showcase their works… »

A ritual for the spirits of Tinuy-an Falls

Surrounded by boulders, trees and waters rushing down Tinuy-an Falls, a baylan (tribal spiritual leader) led an early morning ritual on September 20. Called Diwatahan it is done on this… »

Molmol the Parrot Fish meets school children and communities

“Hello Molmol,goodbye Nemo!” giggled the mothers huddled together as they watched their children do a theatrical reading of “Ang Dangpanan ni Molmol” (Molmol’s Refuge) in the barangay hall of San… »

Bagani’s silent cry called art

Her works show the hand of years and practice. The colors of her drawings and paintings, the arrangement of beads on the necklaces and bracelets she assemble, and the fine… »

Life with the candles

MALAYBALAY CITY (MindaNews/28 August) — Her stall in front of the San Isidro Cathedral in Malaybalay City measures just around 2.5 feet x 3 feet. And on top and around… »

To live – and die – as an artist

BUTUAN CITY (MindaNews/18 August) – When Casiana “Kasi” Cane Torralba retired from private school teaching 16 years ago, she did a most unexpected thing that surprised family and friends: she… »

Taking pride in local languages

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews/07 August) — It’s easy to take Philippine regional languages for granted. If you speak Cebuano on a daily basis, it would take meta-discussions to bring up how… »

Village of PWD dreams

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews/29 July) — Wheelchair user Sofronio Floro, 54, has carefully assembled an armchair, one of the hundreds he and his fellow workers with disabilities have made the past… »

Search for a lost love and another legend of Tinuy-an Falls

Alright, you’ve probably never been to Tinuy-an Falls in Bislig City in Surigao del Sur, indisputably (to a lot of people) the most awesome and widest waterfalls in Mindanao, if… »

FEATURE: My romance with foot reflex

BUTUAN CITY (MindaNews / 30 June) – A friend introduced and recommended me to foot reflex. I declined, believing it was the kind found in some pretentious and expensive spas… »

Ate Kimmy: Painting a rainbow for Zamboanga IDPs

ZAMBOANGA CITY (MindaNews/08 June) — To the majority, helping people who are in dire conditions means extending financial assistance and donating relief goods. But Krizza Mari Sergas, a humanitarian worker,… »

Tricycle diaries: passengers, drivers as story tellers

ZAMBOANGA CITY (MindaNews/08 June) – Tricycles, a major means of transportation in downtown Zamboanga City, are a rich source of stories, as drivers and passengers go about their daily routine.… »

Where the court is seldom needed

If it rarely happens that a Lumad from Barangay Rogongon in Iligan City lands in jail, it does not mean that it has always been peaceful in this predominantly Higaonon… »

63rd Miss Universe: MJ would have floored the competition

One by one, some disappointed fans walked out of the viewing party room when they didn’t hear “Ms. Philippines” being called to be in the pageant’s top 5. “The Q&A… »

Marielle Achacoso: A girl whose dreams ended on Bus 2640

MALAYBALAY CITY (MindaNews/16 December) — “Happiness is a positive cash flow” and “nothing is impossible” said two of the stickers placed by 17-year old Marielle Achacoso, a first year accountancy… »

A bath habit: Cleansing the body with beer

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews/25 November) — “Being dirty is bad, and beer is good,” the product label reads. However, it does not mean that you may wash whatever is dirty with beer.… »

The Bomb in a Drawer

For quite sometime, it was just there, inside a drawer of an office table in a village hall in a town in Maguindanao. It is not the usual office stationery… »

Celebrating Davao’s chocolates

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews/13 September) — Exactly seven days ago, I was bugging a Filipino friend who lives in Vietnam to meet another Filipino friend who was visiting there to buy… »

Life in Liguasan Marsh: A garden in a flood zone

Ferdinandh B. Cabrera in Barangay Balong, Northern Kabuntalan, Maguindanao It looks daunting but people living in Liguasan Marsh have learned to deal with the floods that often visit their communities.… »

All-girl Davao singing group wins awards in international competition

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews/06 August) — The love for singing is what brought seven young girls together. The common ground where Alexea, Rica, Adrianna, Dianne, Christina, Trixia, and Meryll met has… »

#YouthToday: tech and sex and other encounters

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews/18 July) — Perhaps the most alarming result in a 2013 study on youth sexuality by the UP Population Institute and the Demographic Research and Development Foundation is… »

Pii Mai: Another year to renew hopes

XAYABOURY PROVINCE, Laos (MindaNews/30 April) — A distant small village woke up to loud Lao and Thai music on the first day of Pii Mai or the Lao New Year.… »

Rescued macaques find home at Lao zoo

VIENTIANE, Laos (MindaNews / 22 April) – Walking in the Lao Zoo at Keun village on the outskirts of Vientiane on a weekday was not a tour in a park,… »

Baskets of salt for a living

Earning a living by making table salt in the middle of landlocked Laos VIENTIANE, Laos (MindaNews / 18 March) – Away from the sea, Laos produces salt by mining in… »

A child of revolution recounts

Secretary General of the Lao Securities Commission Mrs Vathana Dalaloy recalls memories of the first eight years of her life, when she and her family lived in the caves with… »

Another Day: A story about living in Vientiane’s wasteland

VIENTIANE, Laos (MindaNews / 22 Nov) – Welcome to “Disneyland”! It is a mosaic of blue, black and white polyester unevenly blended with brown soil surrounded by green shrubs and… »

A ringside view of “The Riddles of my Homecoming”

For the longest time, the award-winning Mindanawon filmmaker, Arnel Mardoquio, had been inviting me  to visit him and the members of his team while they were shooting a film.  I… »

A Filipina and a Lao woman in Seoul

SEOUL, South Korea (MindaNews/1 November)—The Philippines and Laos have been famous to Korean tourists.  Last year, South Korea was the top source of tourists for the Philippines with over one… »

FEATURE: On the Lao side, Naga fireballs remain…

People swarm into a small village in Vientiane to see the Naga fireballs themselves despite others’ belief that the phenomenon is but a legend VIENTIANE, Laos (MindaNews / 24 Octet)… »

‘Winning beyond boat racing’

VIENTIANE, Laos (MindaNews/19 October)–In Ban Sai Fong Neua, 17 kilometers south from the city center, at least 40 women, each holding a wooden oar, trekked down a steep slope into… »

Cooking hot to keep the climate cool

VIENTIANE, Laos (MindaNews / 16 Oct) – Buying a new cookstove is not easy. Sellers offer heaps of different models that look alike and as a buyer, how do you… »

Close encounters with ‘Mike’ and company

BARANGAY NEW ISRAEL, Makilala, North Cotabato (MindaNews/02 July) — “Mike!” tourist guide Virginia Laniohan shouted in a prolonged manner when we arrived at the heart of Barangay New Israel. She… »

Yesiree, we’re a family of dwarves: so what?!

KALAMANSIG, Sultan Kudarat (MindaNews/24 April) – They won’t basically stand out in a crowd but they have “rock star” popularity, at least in the locality. At this remote coastal municipality… »

The sea turtles no longer come to Punta Dumalag

PUNTA DUMALAG, Davao City – The summer heat on Saturday afternoon made the beach at Punta Dumalag, the coastal part of Barangay Matina Aplaya here, so enticing for some boys… »

PERSONAL ESSAY: Who would pull the trigger against this gentle Tausug?

Alber Husin is dead. Like Gene Boyd Lumawag, Mindanews’ photo editor, he was gunned down. Both were very dear to me.  Alber was shot in Pagadian City evening of February… »

PERSONAL ESSAY: A letter to Bro. Alber Husin

Dear Brother Alber, Assalamu Alaikum warakmatullahiwabarakathuh! When a member of our family, a relative, or a friend is hurt, my initial reaction has always been to ask them, “sino ang… »

PERSONAL ESSAY: Requiem to a Gun-less Warrior

“At the age of eight, I witnessed a massacre which I barely escaped from and where we lost three uncles and an aunt. Vividly, I could still recall the smoking… »

Flashback: Strings of flood in my childhood

BUTUAN CITY ( MindaNews/ January 25 )- When a friend in Davao City posted on Facebook that she is now officially a certified flood victim, I was tempted to tell her… »

FEATURE: Remembering ComVal

BUTUAN CITY (MindaNews/19 January) — Strangely, I always associate Compostela Valley with Mawab, a once tiny village settled along the Davao-Butuan highway. Mawab, created as a regular municipality in 1959,… »

Now, we understand what the phrase “Morag naagian og bagyo” means

CATEEL, Davao Oriental (MindaNews/31 Dec) — At its strongest, Bagyo Pablo reached the category of a super typhoon with sustained winds of 259 kph. Its diameter was 600 km, its… »

Coming Down Blood Mountains

Their vividly colored indigenous clothing shout like a blast of dynamite ripping through the mountains they call home. It is Tuesday and they are standing in a busy avenue in… »

Islam’s Quiet Birthday Celebration in Simunul

632nd FOUNDING ANNIVERSARY OF ISLAM IN THE PHILIPPINES Islam’s Quiet Birthday Celebration in Simunul By Red Batario with additional reporting from G Sevilla Alvarez TUBIG INDANGAN, Simunul, Tawi-Tawi (MindaNews /… »

From battlegrounds to playgrounds: smiles and hopes for peace in Datu Piang

DATU PIANG, Maguindanao (MindaNews/03 Nov) —  The Children’s Park here belongs to the children once again,  smiling boys and girls going up and down the playground slide or running around… »

Peace, the Rambo generation and stories from the frontlines, away from the frontlines

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews/21 October) – I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to have witnessed and documented the most historic event for Mindanao, the signing of the Framework Agreement on… »

Words for his flock were Fr. Pops’ last will and testament

KIDAPAWAN CITY (MindaNews/19 Oct) – While most people’s last will and testament talks about the transfer of their wealth or properties on this Earth to other people, there’s no such… »

Moving on: no more battles, no more gunshots, no more bloodshed

ALEOSAN, North Cotabato (MindaNews/17 October) —  From the highest point in Barangay Bagolibas, Mayor Loreto Cabaya pointed to our team the rice paddies which used to be “hot spots”  in… »

University of the Waves

MATI CITY (MindaNews/7 Oct) – It was five o’clock in the morning on a fine weather Sunday  when players of Team Amihan, a Filipino term for northeast monsoon, gathered at… »

‘Random Girl’ gets invite from Ellen

GENERAL SANTOS CITY (MindaNews/7 Oct) – Bubbly Zendee Rose Tenerefe is on the roll. She is leaving for Tinseltown anytime next week. Destination: the Ellen DeGeneres show. The 21-year-old Zendee… »

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