PEACETALK: A Vision of a Future Mindanao

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What might this vision be?

May I contribute a personal envisioning of the future on the basis of socio-moral principles.

I envision a Mindanao where God’s law of social justice for all, mutual respect, and the “common word” of love of God and and love of neighbor reigns supreme;

I envision a Mindanao where the social injustices suffered by the Bangsamoro as well as injustices suffered by Lumads and other non-Moro groups are effectively addressed;

I envision a Mindanao where self-determination, the deep centuries-old aspiration of the Bangsamoro is recognized, respected and effectively exercised;

I envision a Mindanao where national territorial integrity and national sovereignty are preserved and promoted;

I envision a Mindanao where there is a common striving for the integral development (cultural, social, religious, political and economic) of each Mindanawon, and the integral development of all Mindanawons;

I dream of a Mindanao where harmonious relationships between peoples of various ethnic groups and different faiths are lived and enjoyed without any fear of harassment and marginalization;

I dream of a Mindanao where the ominous threat of extremism, radicalism, and terrorism will not find fertile ground;

I dream of a Mindanao where the universal rights of every Mindanawon are protected and promoted with no discrimination in relation to gender, religious belief or ethnic affiliation;

I dream of a Mindanao where all Mindanawons have access to as well as share in the benefits of Mindanao’s rich natural resources, even those within an autonomous region;

I dream of a Mindanao where everyone can proudly say I am a Moro, I am a Christian, I am a Lumad, I am a Buddhist, etc., — and proudly exclaim, I am a Mindanawon.

Thank you very much.

((MindaViews is the opinion section of MindaNews. PeaceTalk is open to anyone who wishes to express his/her views on peace in Mindanao. Cardinal Orlando B. Quevedo, OMI, ended his keynote address at the symposium, TITAYAN: Bridging for Peace held at the Ateneo de Davao University on April 21, 2016, with this Vision of a Future Mindanao)

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  1. Republic Act No. 4166 = An Act changing the date of Philippine Independence from July Four to June Twelve, and declaring July four as Philippine Republic Day, further amending for the purpose Section Twenty-Nine of the Revised Administrative Code.The act was approved on August 4, 1964 // By virtue of R.A. 4166, Mindanao & Sulu are no longer a part of the Philippines, and can declare independence similar to Gen. Aguinaldo”s historic declaration of independence on June 12, 1898. With the passage of RA. 4166, The Sultans of the Sultanate of Sulu & and Maguindanao Sultanate can now restore their lost kingdoms without legal impedements, and asking the UN”s International Court of Justice for a judicial review of of the December 10, 1898 Treaty of Paris. The RP must now return these territories that were illegally incorporated by virtue of the 1946 proclamation (not declaration) of independence by the United States of Ameica. // Hence, the MILF-BMA , BIFF-BIFM, ASG, MNLF of cHAIRMAN Nur Misuari have nothing to do with the GRP-(Maguindanun-Iranun Liberation front) MILF BBL with solid decision totally rejected. The groups are in unity, unification of forces to reckon with to liberate their usurped Kingdoms of Mindanao, the so-called MINSUPALA. Their battle/s are a BATTLE/S OF DESTINY. VICTORY OR TO THE GRAVEYARDS. Salam……!

  2. There is a destructive maneuver of the Philippine Government towards the Muslim Mindanao. I venture to declare here the privilege speech of former Senator Nene Pimentel, year 2000 in the House of the Senate revealed as follows: “CIA, NICA & Pentagon created ABU SAYYAP kidnap-for-ransom groups to justify the return of US bases in the Philippines.” In what way can we make a remedy of this strategic plan for us to have lasting peace in the Philippine archipelago.

  3. Even MNLF, MILF, Abu Sayyaf and other Muslim rebels factions in the southern Philippines kill each other although they in the same religion. What’s more you want to say on a unity with Christian, Buddhism and other Animism groups? Many foreigners have seen the Philippines as a ‘failed nation’, although Philippines is been protected by the United States. Without the US, they are nothing compares to their neighbouring countries of Indonesia, Vietnam and Malaysia who can take care their country by themselves without just talking like the Philippines who are look like a ‘professional’ in the media and cyber world but in reality they can’t solve even a small problems. The fail of the Philippines start from the ‘behaviour’ of Filipinos itself, who are too overprouded with their ‘warrior minds’.


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