Duterte: pass BBL and make Bangsamoro an “example” for the rest to follow

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COTABATO CITY (MindaNews/28 February) – A Duterte presidency will push for the passage of the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) and make the Bangsamoro an example for the rest to follow under a federal system of government, Davao City mayor and Presidential candidate Rodrigo Duterte told a crowd of supporters at the plaza here Saturday afternoon.

Ghazali Jaafar, 1st Vice Chair of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (right) introduces the other members of the MILF Central Committee to presidential candidate and Davao City mayor Rodrigo Duterte during his visit in Camp Darapanan, Sultan Kudarat town in Maguindanao on February 27, 2016. MindaNews photo by TOTO LOZANO
Ghazali Jaafar, 1st Vice Chair of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (right) introduces the other members of the MILF Central Committee to presidential candidate and Davao City mayor Rodrigo Duterte during his visit in Camp Darapanan, Sultan Kudarat town in Maguindanao on February 27, 2016. MindaNews photo by TOTO LOZANO

Earlier at the Moro Islamic Liberation Front’s (MILF) Camp Darapanan in Sultan Kudarat town, Maguindanao, Duterte told MILF officials led by Ghazali Jaafar that he would convene a Constitutional Commission to amend the 1987 Constitution to change the system of government into federalism but “if it takes time, and if only to defuse tension, in my government I will convince Congress to pass the BBL then make it as a template for federal states.”

At the Cotabato City plaza, the lone Presidential candidate from Mindanao stressed the need to correct the historical injustices committed against the Moro people and vowed that under his administration, “we will try to go federalism. Yang Bagsamoro sa mapa ngayon, wag nang galawin yan. Gawin na lang nating example na makopya sa lahat. Ang mangyayari nito, uunahin ko na lang pakiusapan ko ang Congress na we will pass the BBL (The Bangsamoro on the map now, let’s not touch that anymore. Let’s make it an example for the rest to copy. I will immediately ask Congress to pass the BBL).

He said he will also tell Nur Misuari “kopyahin na lang natin sila para sa Mindanao at buong Pilipinas” (let’s copy that in Mindanao and in the rest of the Philippines”). Misuari, whom Duterte considers a friend, is founding chair of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) with whom government signed a Final Peace Agreement in 1996 and whose implementation has yet to be fully completed.

Duterte said other Presidential aspirants do not care about Mindanao and do not even want the BBL even as “lahat ng mga leader sa Mindanao” (all leaders in Mindanao) agree that the Moro people should be given what is due them.

A Moro woman tries to get the attention of the people onstage where presidential candidate and Davao City mayor Rodrigo Duterte delivered his speech at the Cotabato City plaza on Saturday, February 27. MindaNews photo by Toto Lozano
A Moro woman tries to get the attention of the people onstage where presidential candidate and Davao City mayor Rodrigo Duterte delivered his speech at the Cotabato City plaza on Saturday, February 27. MindaNews photo by TOTO LOZANO

If he wins, Duterte, who said his grandmother is a Moro and he has daughters-in-law and grandchildren who are Moro, declared: “yung isang paa ng Moro ay nasa Malacanang na” (one foot of the Moro is already in Malacanang).

Reviving BBL

In Camp Darapanan, Jaafar, the MILF’s 1st Vice Chair (formerly referred to as Vice Chair for Political Affairs

), asked Duterte how he would revive the BBL should he become President.

Duterte, the first Presidential candidate to have visited the MILF camp, Duterte told Jaafar and members of the MILF Central Committee that if he were elected President, he would set a timetable and create a commission composed of multi-sectoral groups including the Bangsamoro.

He said the shift to the proposed federal set-up “will be undertaken by a Constitutional Commission, and thereafter if I am contented and it is gaining ground, BBL will be incorporated into the Constitution as an organic law of the Federal Republic of the Philippines,” he explained.

But Duterte admitted it might take long to take on a federal structure so “if it takes time, and if only to defuse tension, in my government I will convince Congress to pass the BBL then make it as a template for federal states.”

He said he predicted, the present administration “will just dribble” the problem to the next administration.

“I am so worried of the outcome of the BBL, I know how disappointed you are, so please I am here to plead with you just postpone action that might derail the peace process,” Duterte added.

The MILF had issued a statement on February 18, signed by MILF chair Al Haj Murad Ebrahim, expressing its “deep disappointment and grave dismay” over the non-passage of the BBL” but said it will “continue to uphold the peace process and ensure that all the gains will be preserved.”

Radicalism, extremism

Also discussed at the meeting were the issues of radicalism and extremism. Already, armed Moro groups in Butig, Lanao del Sur, Datu Salibo in Maguindanao and some parts in Basilan and Sulu are reportedly being influenced by extremist groups abroad.

Jaafar, however, said, “there is no radicalism, extremism or terrorism, they are Bangsamoro heroes defending their rights. That was the feeling of majority after they felt fooled after the failure of BBL.”

He said these groups, who are “not members of the MILF,” just wanted to send a message to the government that they were hurt by the outcome of the peace deal “and how to stop them (is to) pass the BBL we have waited and negotiated for.”

The government and MILF signed the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro (CAB) on March 27, 2014, after 17 years of peace negotiations. The agreement called for the creation of a new autonomous political entity – the Bangsamoro – that would replace the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao.

Duterte viewed the recent events as atrocities triggered by poverty and injustice, and said these groups were forced to the wall by government leaders. He vowed that under his administration, “we will correct the historical wrongs.”

He noted misconceptions about radicalism. He said the Malays like Malysian, Indonesians and Filipinos, have not reached the point of ruthlessly killing innocent women, children and anyone as the extremists in the Middle East are doing.

“Our Islam and Malay culture cannot do that, it is still inherent among us to be compassionate,” he said.

Jaafar said the MILF welcomes all candidates who wish to visit and discuss their platforms with the organization but they are not endorsing any candidate and will let their people choose whom they wish vote according to their conscience. (Ferdinandh B. Cabrera / MindaNews)


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    GOVERNMENT’S SHORT-SIGHTEDNESS did not kill the Islamic homeland government that the Muslim Filipinos down South envisioned for themselves. What kills that vision is the national government’s ILLOGICAL SENSE to exclude the other sectors whose fates are linked inextricably with the planned self-rule.

    BUT IT SEEMS most presidential candidates do not have an acceptable cure. They want the Bangsamoro Basic Law (BBL) to proceed as previously agreed without inclusive participation from the opposite side of the political continuum. Former UP Prof. Nur Misuari, titular leader of the MNLF faction, cannot be brushed aside as a force in the internal power struggle. Peace will be far from certain if the latter group won’t have a say on how the BBL will be executed.

    THE JUDICIAL declaration of the invalidity of the BBL’s predecessor – the Bangsamoro Juridical Entity – presaged the non-passage of the re-incarnate version in Congress. Clearly, both forms are HOPELESS VERSIONS of similar ends. So what shall government do to achieve lasting solutions to the Mindanao conflict? WAR? Definitely not. That drastic option can only bring us so much misery and division; it can only further balkanize an already politically divided and fragmented nation.

    THOUGH UNTRIED, a federal form of government seems to be a promising option. Our Philippine Constitution is a copy-cat version of the United States when the Tydings-McDuffie Law was enacted. The latter law envisioned an independent republic without mechanisms to institute a federal structure like the US. We have a revolutionary law governing local governments (RA 7160) BUT decentralization is severely constrained by partial political and fiscal devolution of powers.

    MANILA-CENTRIC central government still retains vast and awesome powers to the office of the president. The next duly elected president therefore must rise to the occasion and do whatever he/she can to reform this anomalous arrangement. The Mindanao problem is just symptomatic of what makes this government largely dysfunctional; it makes governance too unwieldy and curtails equitable progress for all regions, whether rich or poor.

    THUS BBL’s unsurprising fall precedes new political initiatives that only STRONG leaders can undertake in the next decade. We as a nation won’t get there UNLESS we choose not only the best but the most politically strong-willed president who has the VISION to achieve a federal State in our own lifetime.

    • Federalism depends on one supreme law of the land, Sharia contradicts too much of Phillipine law to exist together. Sharia negates basic rights given by the Constitution. Do not believe for one minute Sharia is not coming to the Philippines under the guise of BBL.

      • The planned Bangsamoro autonomous region under the BBL is distinct and separate entity under a federal set up. If the 1987 Constitution is subsequently amended, the institutionalization of the federal structure necessarily includes the said entity as an autonomous local government unit. But like the present ARMM, it has to pass through congressional approval. A new charter must be ratified by the people residing within identified localities.

        The constitution of liberty, specifically the bill of rights, may not always be consistent with the Islamic-based Sharia legal system. But that exactly is the point. The Muslims have their own traditional faith-based belief systems that make it almost impossible to co-exist with our existing legal framework. So the best way to address the DISSIMILARITIES is to grant the predominantly Muslim localities the form of government that they deserve under the auspice of the supreme law of the land. A more careful scrutiny of the proposed law may be necessary to ensure that our national sovereignty won’t be thwarted in whatever guises.

      • That is why in federalism, bangsamoro will have their own laws. They will make their own laws. I think you know a little or nothing about Shari’ah Law.

        • I think you are too simple to see the bigger picture. Under Federalism all people are citizens of the Philippines and protected by its laws. Sharia laws can be in opposition to Philippine law. If Philippine law is superior Sharia means nothing. If Philippine law is subordinate then you don’t have a country. Philippine law guarantees equality for all, Sharia does not. For example women are not treated equally under Sharia. You can not have two laws govern one nation.

          • you are correct brother assuming that its gonna be like in the US then again when its going to be changed they are gonna make a new constition so basically we dont anything yet

      • And it is happening now. Since the shutting down of BBL., there has been countless terrorist attacks in the country., recently just yesterday at resorts world which most Filipinos stayed mum and in denial.

  2. Duterte’s grandmother is a Moro! That makes Duterte a Moro! Duterte will lose a huge number of votes here. That explains Duterte’s womanizing ways and his cussing of the Pope! Christians don’t trust Moros at all! If Duterte will push through the dreaded and evil BBL!

    Then, Duterte will NOT and be the never be the president of the Philippines!
    Duterte can now kiss his presidential ambitions goodbye! Bye bye Duterte!

  3. If only to bring a long lasting and sustainable peace to this region, let us all embrace the passing of the BBL, after all, they are still Filipinos, our Muslim brothers and sisters. So long as they are still under the Republic of the Philippines, no reason for us not to give what they are clamoring for. There is a great and bounty of opportunity for the Region and to the whole nation once the panacea is unlocked unraveling decades of hostilities.

    • “they are still filipinos”, filipinos worship foreigners. gave up fighting against spain. love america even though america murdered millions filipinos during spanish war. america used ph for prostitutes and think we are slaves. filipinos forget to easily. yes your right the muslim people who never caved against these devil foreigners sure have a lot in common with filipinos. get off your high horse. felipe culture is weak and sub servant.


        • Lols. Read your history book. Arabs who entered Philippines in 1300s are not invaders but traders. Invaders are the one who forcefully enters and enslaved Filipinos. Unlike Spaniards, Americans, Japanese, etc. May nabasa ka na bang nakidigma ang mga Arab Muslims sa mga IP that time? Ang mga taong walang alam sa turo at aral ng Islam lang ang malakas magsalita kung ano ang extremism. Read and follow your bible teachings and then tell me who teaches and what extremism is.

          • Look at how the arabs live and treat each other…it is based on distrust, lies, and greediness…they want domination…and forceful domination…

          • I prefer to be taught and educated by non-muslims…the Christians for they teach peace, love and forgiveness…not hatred and death…

    SO … NO TO DUTERTE !!!

  5. Basa kalaban ni Mar Roxas, expect these kind of comment. No surprise, the founder of Inquirer is Betty Co Belmonte, wife of die hard Speaker Belmonte Jr. follower of PNoy and Liberal Party. He he he. Got you.

  6. pra sa mga panatikong utu uto dyan para sa inyong kaalaman, pro bbl ako dati. pero nang malaman ko yung tungkol sa isang provision nito kung saan 10% lang ng boto ng mga residente ang kailangan para maisama ang isang lalawigan sa nasasakupan ng bangsamoro state di ko na nagustuhan. malaysia ang author nyan. humihina na kasi ang kapit nila sa sabah. simpleng pananakop. sikretong dilawan yan! si MDS lang ang tunay na oposisyon!

  7. @STEPANIE: I am not Moro but was shocked by your bias or prejudiced. So if Moro related you will not vote? You are using emotion rather that careful choosing of Candidates. Study platform and you will see #Duterte has the most practical ideas. What we need is discipline as a people then everything will follow like Investments and progress faster. #Duterte is known to FAIR ENFORCEMENT of disciple. The politicians leave their guns before entering Davao as they KNOW, it will be implemented also to their rivals. Thats disciple achieved. Thats a guaranteed. We are local born n bread in Mindanao, we know this.

  8. Ito ang nangyayari sa Pilipinas 1. Spratley Islands and West Philippine Sea ay binigay sa China disguise as ZTE Scandal. 2. Mindanao will be given/ro be given to MILF.

  9. TO ALL:

    BBL is the key to a peaceful Mindanao
    if BBL is not passed by the current government then there is no peace?
    is the government going to declare war in Mindanao?
    who will declare war on who?
    so is it going to like this when an armed group wants something the govt should give it to have peace?

    • I think it always depend on what the condition or situation is. If it will benefit the majority, why not? Rebellion only rises when there is rampant injustices, poverty, and corruptions while the (central) government are doing nothing but to fueled fire with fire. MILF/MNLF/BIFF are fighting to have their own sovereignty basically base on their laws, beliefs, tradiditions and utilization of their own wealth for their own people. The government should first educate the people about what really is going on there, what really is the causes, and what both parties (rebel & government) have done or doing sa satiate both parties for the goods of majority involved.

      • hey im sorry i got busy with life.
        i agree each situation should be approach carefully get all the facts and will be based on thre law of the land. not the majority thats why its there to protect your right even if its just you against 100 it should be fair. This rebellion started at 62 in Sabah fast forward a couple of years Jabidah happened which ignited the the whole thing at that time one can say that the reason they rebelled can be justified but along the way it became unclear when other muslim countries didnt mind their own business from MIM to MNLF then MILF and what ever they want it to be. The government trusted them ARMM but Nur was just a man he was not able to his job. instead of accepting his mistake step down get somebody new he went back to step one the rebelled so much is goin on right now they seem to have forgotten what and what they are fighting. its not thiose things that youve mentioned. They started fighting for the poeple then they fought amonst themselves and forgot about the poeple.They should earn the peoples trust not just the one living in Mindanao but all Filipinos They do not want peace they want something else and if we dont give them what they want then they will not give us peace.

  10. If you like Muslims go for Duterte. If you are pro Bangsamoro Basic Law choose for Duterte. Duterte’s grandmother is a Moro and he has daughters-in-law and grandchildren who are Moro. He said if he wins one foot of Moro is already in Malacanang.


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