• Jens Hansen

    Hopefully they will stop being such pathetic dhimmis and end the negotiations with these terrorists. Obviously, like in Israel and elsewhere, there will be no peace with the Muslims. What they can do, is to end ensure that they pay a very high price, every time the Muslims commit an act of aggression against non-Muslims..So high that they really don’t want to pay it. It works pretty well in Israel. Allowing them to oppress non-Muslims and having their immoral and filthy sharia laws, will only make them more confident, and attacks against non-Muslims will increase.

    • friend of Mindanao

      Well said Jens Hansen. You cannot negotiate peace terms with a crocodile and allow it to live in your back yard among your children. The Filipinos will learn a hard lesson if they allow moslems to spawn mass breed within an Islamic state in Mindanao.
      Many more children will be eaten by the crocodiles and much more blood spilt to take their country back.