Don’t Be Like Your Father


Civil society groups slam Senator Ferdinand Marcos Jr.  for allegedly being an “obstructionist” to the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law during a press conference in Quezon City on Thursday (11 June 2015). They urged Marcos not to follow the footsteps of his father, the late President Ferdinand Marcos, who ordered a bloody war in Mindanao. MindaNews photo by Froilan Gallardo | Read story

  • erine0

    This ad hominem attack does no good. It does not answer the issue, which is the BBL. And it fails to tackle the very valid points both Bongbong Marcos and Ralph Recto raised. This is pathetic and, besides, who are these people? BBL is very unpopular in Mindanao. Only a small percentage favor BBL. These are just fringe lunatics who want to impose BBL on an unwilling public.