It’s a No


Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, in a press conference in Davao City early evening Thursday (15 Oct 2015), reiterated his decision not to run for president. His representatives earlier filed his certificate of candidacy at the local Comelec office. But he said he might support Sen. Miriam Santiago in the presidential race. MindaNews photo by Antonio L. Colina IV | Read story

  • Gabriel

    Yes, Miriam na lang tayo. Buti pa si Miriam, kahit may cancer lumalaban. Wala na tayong magawa, natakot si mayor eh … :) Let’s hope for the best to come na lang with Miriam.

  • tachyonzero

    He will not run for president because its a suicidal career.
    Everything you earned prior presidency is “Nakaw mo sa bayan”. People who doesn’t know him will look for weakness and will exploit it.
    Take a look at Binay, He maybe popular in Makati and somewhere else, he’s not a well know guy all around the Philippines.