MNLF leaders ask Obama for help

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews / 29 April) – While anti-US protesters are marching on the streets of Mendiola in Manila, regional leaders of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) are welcoming United States President Barack Obama with open arms.

They even adopted him as the “son of the Bangsamoro nation.”

In a statement printed on a 4×4 feet tarpaulin, the MNLF leaders invoked their right to self-determination as they gathered at the Muslim Village in Bangkal in this city for a meeting Monday to discuss the loyalty of some of its members.

Rolando Olamit, chair of the MNLF’s Davao City State Revolutionary Committee, appealed to Obama to intervene on the Bangsamoro problem.

Olamit, however, clarified that they do not want military intervention.

“The Bangsamoro’s problem isn’t military, so we ask that they don’t provide a military solution. The issue here is poverty, so we’re appealing that they help us in this regard,” he said.

“We are appealing to President Obama to listen to Chairman Misuari, that he be given a safe conduct pass because he’s the only one who can unite the Bangsamoro,” Olamit added.

MNLF chairman Nur Misuari is currently facing rebellion charges for allegedly masterminding the siege in Zamboanga City September last year that displaced thousands of residents and the killing of more than a hundred.

Asked why they are asking the same government who massacred Moro women and children in Bud Daju, Sulu more than a century ago, Olamit claims that the US president is a Muslim and that he is willing to forgive if Obama can unite the Bangsamoro. The massacre, he said, happened a long time ago anyway.

His statement, however, drew mixed reactions from the other members.

Forty-year old Farida believes that Obama and his government cannot resolve the Bangsamoro problem.

“America’s human rights violations have worsened, and we want them to come here? Only us Filipinos can solve our own problems,” she stressed.


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  • MNLF RIGHT OF REPLY to “MNLF leaders ask Obama for help” (MindaNews 29 April 2014).

    If you want to conduct due diligence of who I am in the MNLF, you may call for a background check, the chief (lady Atty) of the Public Affairs Office of NAIA-1.

    As you repeat the allegation that MNLF is involved in that chaos in Zamboanga City of September 2013, I will also have to do my function to post a canned MNLF RIGHT OF REPLY.

    Please be informed that MNLF Cmdr Habier Malik, MNLF Leader Nur Misuari, and all members of the Genuine MNLF are not participants in that chaos in Zamboanga City of September 2013. No MNLF was hurt, arrested, injured, or killed in that incident. Going out of hometowns in small, medium, or large troops movement to conduct a terroristic transprovincial invasion of peaceful towns and cities is not a fashion of the MNLF. It is not a practice of MNLFs to “caddy” civilians out of armed conflict zones or take cover behind civilians — whether in serious way or in playful manner. MNLFs neither hid in houses, nor burned houses. MNLF did not loot anything in Zamboanga City.

    Nevertheless we have Zamboanga City resident MNLFs who were displaced because they had to evacuate out of Zamboanga City in response to the evasive orders of the MNLF via FB/MNLFpage. The children of the displaced MNLFs, including that of Malik and Misuari have left school and they are scared to go back to school because of the stigma.

    Those alleged MNLFs by the name of “Bas Arki” and “Assamin Hussin” neither have record of membership in the MNLF, nor were they listed in the persons who support the Mindanao Independence. We picked up an unofficial list of names of the alleged MNLFs who are now under the custody of GPH for their alleged participation in the Zamboanga chaos of Sept 2013; we verified the list via background check in the grounds and the investigation rendered negative result, meaning, no one in the list is a MNLF. We published our findings and someone in the AFP commented that the list we have are all alyases — okay, granted — and we hope that the GPH will interrogate those persons to get their real names because we are willing to re-open a field investigation to ascertain if these are MNLFs.

    I have asked the GPH to transmit to me the digital file of the information of the cases filed against Misuari so I can facilitate a formal reply, which would include a video-taped interview with Misuari, but I did not get a response from the GPH. I asked for a copy of any Warrant of Arrests for any alleged Genuine MNLFs (including Nur Misuari) who are still at large so we can start counting a one-year period of Hijra before we turn them over to the Courts, but I did not get a response from GPH. I assume we are on the same page that innocence is presumed until proven guilty beyond reasonable doubt. Whoever alleges, it is their task to present evidences, and there is no need for the accused persons (especially Nur Misuari) to cooperate.

    Trial by publicity may be advantageous to the GPH because of the stigma against the MNLF that it will create, but stigma will cause alienation and fear among the MNLFs and will backfire against the peace process. Not only humans, but even animals that are scared and cornered by the stigma will act violently in line with self-defensive and self preservation. The GPH is leaning its sharp elbow on the MNLF while writing the MILF-GPH deal — it hurts.

    Since day one, 9 September 2013, we maintain the position that MNLF in not involved in that chaos and we see that as purely a squatter demolition operation (an act of destroying the entire community to remove the human settlers who don’t possess land titles) by the Government of the Philippines (GPH) and simultaneously a “False Flag Operation” (a military operation of doing terrorist acts while wearing the opponent’s flag) of the GPH to smear dirt on the face of MNLF and the Mindanao Independence Movement. The implementers of the squatter demolition merely used MNLF actors (counterfeit MNLFs) to act as running rabbits to ignite chaos that would provide reason for the squatter uprooters to move into the designated demolition zone. It is an open secret in Mindanao wherein GPH Military and GPH Police manufacture counterfeit MNLF uniforms, recruit poor uneducated boys, and ask them to wear the MNLF uniforms to do dangerous money-making activities such as extortion, squatter demolition, false flag operation, and even stage-play armed conflict in order to get AFP Medals or PNP Medals (for example: search the internet for article titled “Army officer na nagpapagawa ng MNLF uniform, iniimbistigahan”).

    By the way, we have received a question from someone allegedly from AFP. They were asking if the PMAer who died in that chaos in Zamboanga City of September 2013 was an MNLF because the dead body was wearing an MNLF uniform. With due respect to the family of my fellow PMAer, I have replied that he is not MNLF. He merely may have only followed orders to act as MNLF to pave the way for the False Flag Operation. Since we have no MNLF informants in the middle of that chaos, we have no idea who burned those houses; but a lot of people saw military trucks leaving the area will sacks of loots that looked like large brass decorative plates, flat screen TV. We have read in the news that some AFP personnel were administratively charged for looting. I hope these looters in uniform are part of the charge. Try searching Google for articles titled:

    “5 soldiers jailed for looting Zamboanga councilor’s house” (24 Sept 2013),

    “5 soldiers arrested for looting in Zamboanga City” (24 Sept 2013),

    “Soldiers accused of looting during Zamboanga crisis face …” 5 nov 2013),

    “AFP wrapping up probe on troops tagged in Zamboanga …(5 Nov 2013),

    “Palace: Soldiers found looting in Zambo will be punished” (25 Sept 2013).

    The chaos of in Zamboanga City of September 2013 was a squatter demolition that was long planned by the LGU of Zamboanga City under the leadership of Zamboanga City local government Mayor Bheng Climaco, who is under the direct supervision of Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Mar Roxas, in line with real estate development in Zamboanga. They are also hoping to rake in millions of humanitarian donations. Zamboanga City now is like a Philippine style death wake where cadavers are displayed in the coffin for months to extend the opportunity of asking wake alms and donations. If you are into humanitarian aid and charity work, I recommend you search and read the following articles:

    “Boy’s death latest in Zamboanga City shelter”. Inquirer. 23 March 2014.

    “Long after MNLF siege, death toll still rising”. Inquirer. 24 March 2014.

    “Zamboanga folk rally: ‘We’ve had enough’”. Inquirer. 3 April 2014.

    “Badjao a tribe losing home at sea”. Inquirer. 27 April 2014.

    If the evacuation was a result of a real armed conflict, a ceasefire that we proposed through Vice President Binay should have been applicable, but it was not applicable because it was no real armed conflict.

    If the evacuation of the people of Rio Hondo Zamboanga City in September 2013 could have been a result of a real armed conflict involving the MNLF, the uprooted people who are temporarily sheltered in evacuation camp in the Zamboanga City Grand Stand should have long been allowed to return to their lands after the supposed armed conflict. What is going on in the evacuation center now is like a Nazi Concentration camp, over 100 evacuees have already died by diseases. Zamboanga City local government Mayor Bheng Climaco, who is under the direct supervision of Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Mar Roxas, is using scare tactics to prevent the displaced from returning to their origin. Climaco is also using profiling tactics to single out people she wants throw out of the city for the day — one by one she throws them out of the city in different places like unwanted newly-born stray cats to avoid herself from getting entangled with the obligation of just compensation. Secretary Mar Roxas was also proud of the prejudice against Muslims when the Armed Forces of the Philippines (APF) required the evacuees to recite the Lords Prayer (…Our Father) upon entering the evacuation center. For reference, please search Google for news article titled “MNLF rebels try to blend in with hostages — Roxas”.

    Even on this date of commenting, the uprooted people (Badjaos and Muslim minorities) are being disallowed to return to their lands — the human rights violation issue in relation to the uprooting is what the mainstream media and the Philippine government is turning a blind eye or perhaps hiding. The voice of those people says: “They are killing us slowly by keeping us here,” said Jalnari Hadjirul, a 61-year-old Badjao leader at Cawa-Cawa. “I think they should send us home now, or we will all die.” Can’t you hear their voice?

    To end this note, please be reminded that Nur Misuari, the leader of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) is a United Nations Peace Prize Awardee and a Nobel Peace Prize Nominee. For the record, starting the date of Mindanao Declaration of Independence of 15 January 2012 in Valencia Bukidnon, Nur Misuari is now in the history book of Mindanao as the first Head of State of the independent Mindanao. How you guys in Government of the Philippines treat Misuari will determine the foreign policy of Mindanao on Philippines in the near future — either we will be friends or we will shut the doors of opportunities to your disadvantage — so please help your President make a good decision.

    John R. Petalcorin
    Director for Communications, MNLF
    Admin, FB/MNLFpage

    • bagi bagi

      tutuo ba yan?,

  • bagi bagi

    bakit ayaw pa ninyong makisama sa MILF-GPH peace agreement, sa tingin ng nakararami ay maganda ang pagka detalye sa mga napagkasunduan. anu ba ang gusto nyo, huwag na ninyong pangarapin na ma unite ninyo ang bangsamoro dahil ang peace ninyo noon sa GHP ay kayo lang ang nakinabang, hindi yong sambayanang Bangsamoro. (spoilers of the peace).
    Sorry po kung nasabi ko itu dahil dati rin akung MNLF pero kitang-kita ko at nadama ko ang kawalang halaga sa Bangsamoro ang naging peace ng MNLF at GPH, mas lalong lumala ang mga kaguluhan sa Mindanao, ang nakakabuti siguro sa MNLF ay makiisa nalang sa MILF-GPH peace agreement.

  • Ric Atencia

    If Mr. Misuari was not able to unite the Bangsamoro during his time, why claim it now that he is the only one who could do that?

  • Friend of Mindanao

    only if bangsmoro embrace the Christian teaching to; “love your neighbour/enemy” and reject stone muslim ideology that incites violence/murder to address their problem will they begin to enjoy true prosperity and peace.