Deaths among Zamboanga City ‘bakwits’ climb to 155

ZAMBOANGA CITY (MindaNews/08 August) – The number of deaths among residents displaced by the 20-day standoff in September last year had reached 155 prompting humanitarian groups and health officials to intensify efforts for the evacuees.

The standoff started Sept. 9 when hundreds of Moro National Liberation Front members loyal to founding chair Nur Misuari infiltrated several coastal barangays in this city.

Dr. Rodelin Agbulos, City Health Officer, said Friday that pneumonia remained the primary cause of deaths with 31 or 20 percent of the total mortalities recorded from Sept. 9 to August 3 this year.

Agbulos said 56 percent of those who died were males and 49 percent were children below five years old.

He said multipurpose halls that would serve as sub-health centers have been built through the auspices of the International Committee of the Red Cross.

He said construction of the multipurpose hall at the transitory site in Barangay Taluksangay was almost complete and another one was being built at the transitory site in Barangay Tulungatung.

City government records showed the transitory site in Taluksangay houses 396 families or 1,946 persons while the one in Tulungatung hosts 433 families or 2,536 individuals

Agbulos added the construction of the multipurpose hall at the Masepla transitory site in Barangay Mampang will start as soon as the facility in Tulungatung is completed.

The Masepla transitory site houses 296 families or 1,457 persons.

Agbulos said hygiene kits were also distributed to pregnant and lactating women in the evacuation centers.

He said the camp managers were trained on first aid “so they can attend to patients if the need arises.”

The first aid kits were provided by the United National Children’s Fund and the World Health Organization.

A total of 4,776 families or 25,498 individuals are still living in five evacuation centers and six transitory sites based on the latest record of the city government. (MindaNews)


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  • MNLF Right of Reply
    By: John R. Petalcorin
    Director for Communications, MNLF

    Repeatedly, please be informed that MNLF officially denies participation in that infamous chaos in Zamboanga City of September 2013. Please be informed that MNLF Cmdr Habier Malik, MNLF Leader Nur Misuari, and all members of the Genuine MNLF are not participants in that chaos in Zamboanga City of September 2013. This denial is based on the result of MNLF’s internal affairs field investigation.

    That chaos in Zamboanga City of Sept 2013 was just a False Flag Operation by the Armed Forces of the Philippines (a revenge of Gen. Emanuel T. Bautista whose father then Gen. Teodulfo Bautista died under the weapon of the MNLF in 1977) to smear dirt on the face of MNLF and a cover-up to the extra-judicial forced eviction by the Local Government of Zamboanga City led by Mayor Ma. Isabelle “Bheng” Climaco-Salazar (under the supervision of DILG Sec. Mar Roxas of the President Benigno S. Aquino administration) against the poor, defenseless, helpless, marginalized Badjao minorities.

    The alleged rogue MNLF commanders Assamin Hussin and Bas Arki who allegedly started the trouble are not in the membership record of the MNLF.

    The alleged leader of the alleged rogue MNLF in the middle of the chaos Cmdr Habier Malik was not in the vicinity all throughout the chaos.

    The PMAer who died in the middle of the chaos was wearing MNLF uniform on the time of his death.

    Army officer assigned in 53th Engineering Battalion based in headquarter of Philippine Army (PA) was caught red-handed in manufacturing counterfeit MNLF uniforms in Jetson Tailoring Zamboanga City.

    The assassination of Zamboanga City Judge Reynerio Estancia Sr on 28 Feb 2014 is related to the cover-up of this False Flag Operation. The government military has Martial-Law-type full control over Zamboanga City during that period of assassination.

    Our field investigation result shows no genuine MNLF was hurt, injured, killed, or arrested in that inhumane government operation. The MNLF condemns the inhumane uprooting incident in Zamboanga City of Sept 2013.

    The MNLF signed a Final Peace Agreement (FPA) with the GPH in 1996 – we have not breached this agreement since 1996 and the idea of breaching it never crossed our mind. As a result of the FPA, around 5,000 MNLFs were already integrated into mainstream government positions, and around 95,000 more waiting for the GPH to implement its unfulfilled obligation in Sec. 20 of the FPA (details can be read in the “MNLF Position Paper on the Status of the 1996 FPA”).

    MNLF spearheads the Sabah Recovery Project (SRP) which intends to evict Malaysian colonial occupation in sulu-owned Sabah (North Borneo). In retaliation, Malaysian invisible hand bribes some corrupt military and police Generals and politicians in the GPH including some media companies to silence the SRP and weaken the MNLF via smear campaign against Misuari and the MNLF. We, MNLFs, being dual Citizens of Philippines and Mindanao, recommend these recipients of Malaysian bribes (in relation to the Sabah issue) be investigated, arrested, put to trial, convicted, and sentenced by firing squad as traitors of the Republic.