‘Liking” may cost your jobs, CSC warns gov’t workers

DAVAO CITY (MindaNews/14 January) — The Civil Service Commission in Region 11 on Thursday warned government officials and workers to exercise caution when using social media as their acts might be construed as engaging in partisan politics and result in their dismissal from office.

CSC 11 director Annabelle B. Roselle said during the iSpeak Forum at the city hall on Thursday that wearing of pins, ballers, and shirts that bear the name of any candidates, or sharing, commenting, and liking posts on social media will be taken as partisan political activities.

“We advise government agencies to refrain from sharing, liking, and commenting because it might be interpreted that you are supporting this particular candidate,” she said.

She said this is prohibited under Section 2.4B of Article 4 of the Philippine Constitution, which states that “no officer or employee in the civil service shall engage, directly or indirectly, in any electioneering or partisan political campaign.”

The Omnibus Election Code also prohibits government officials and employees from directly and indirectly supporting candidates.

“Because we define electioneering and partisan political activity either to support the election or defeat of any candidate, if that act can be read or interpreted as a support of a particular candidate, then pwede sya mahulog partisan political activity (then it can be considered under partisan political activity),” Roselle added.

First-time offenders will be meted a one month and one day suspension to six-month suspension while second-time offenders will be dismissed from service.

“We have already issued reminders to all government offices and employees that they should refrain,” she said.

The official said they will investigate any government officials and employees accused of violating election laws.

“We just use social media to remind them but not necessarily we monitor how they the social media,” she added. (Antonio L. Colina IV/MindaNews)

  • Does this mean Pnoy should refrain from campaigning for Roxas?

    • Alma Doxi

      The President is not under CSC and is not covered by CSC laws. All holders of elective position are not covered by CSC laws, rules and regulation.

  • Braveheart

    Section 2.4B of Article 4 of the Philippine Constitution states about Citizenship and not what the writer stated in this article. It is in article IX Section 2.4.

    Ano ba yan! Check nyo naman!

  • Mikal

    Continuation po ng sec 3. Nothing herein provided shall be understood to prevent any officer or employee from expressing his views on current political problems or issues, or from mentioning the names of the candidates for public office whom he supoorts

  • choiskie

    dapat meron silang ipapalabas na Implementing Rules and Regulations IRR para hindi “because it might be interpreted” or “if that act can be read or interpreted” ang mangyayari..

  • Passionate Angel

    eh di mauna na ang pangulo na hayagang kinakampanya ang kandidato niya! this is hilarious!

    • Alma Doxi

      no its not hilarious. The President is not covered by Civil Service laws and neither are elected officials. Those who are holders of elective positions are not covered by CSC laws, rules and regulations. Only those holders of appointive positions