Duterte on losing the election due to rape remarks: So what?

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DAVAO CITY (MindaNews/22 April) — Davao City Mayor Rodrigo R. Dutete said he won’t mind losing the presidential election due to the backlash created by his statement on the rape of an Australian missionary in 1989.

In a press conference Thursday at the Marco Polo Hotel Davao, Duterte said the criticisms, some coming from his rivals, could not make him change who he is or even his “dirty mouth”.

“I do not care if I lose the presidency. I have my own identity in this planet. Do not ask me to change. I am Rodrigo Duterte, a creation of God. I will follow my destiny, I don’t give a s**t,” he said.

Brushing aside rumors he was quitting the presidential race, the Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan standard-bearer said: “Life is never fair. Ang problema who will take care of law-abiding and God-fearing people from drugs and criminality?”

He also lashed out at progressive women’s group Gabriela who criticized the tough-talking mayor over [his] “rape joke”.

Duterte revealed the city built a P31-million facility that houses women and young children who are victims of incest but was not made known to public to protect the identities of the victims.

“I have a P31-million facility to take care of young girls. These are victims of incest, or those raped by father, brother, or uncles. May iba buntis, mangaganak na (Some of them are pregnant and about to give birth,” he said.

Duterte said Davao is the first city in the country to pass a Women Development Code, which upholds “the rights of women and the belief in their worth and dignity as human beings and recognizes women as full and equal partners of men in development and nation building and men shall share equally with all forms of productive and reproductive activities.”

“Yang cash crusaders hindi ninyo alam, you remember my cuss words I uttered when I was angry, the office of the mayor provides lawyers for women who are battered by husbands,” he said.

He challenged political foes to go check the city’s services for women “and you cannot compare this city to their city at all. Beside the facility, there’s also a facility for seniors, there’s doctor who will attend to you until you die. Cash crusaders pera pera lang kayo.”

“I was narrating, not joking… You Garbriela are the jokers,” he said.

On the allegation of administration bet Mar Roxas that he and his team was harassed by the New People’s Army in one of his sorties in Mindanao, he denied any involvement in it saying he is not a member of the group.

“Alam nya Left ako. Hindi ba nya alam na Bayan ako? Natural mga bata-bata ko syempre politika ito. Bahala ka sa buhay mo, bakit ka tumakbo ng presidente. I am Bayan, that’s why I raise my fist, but I am not a communist. I am not a member of New People’s Army nor the Communist Party. That’s too far in the Left… Left og center lang kami mga socialists, programa pantao. I do not dream of building bridges, tao muna,” he said.

If he wins as president, he said infrastructure project will have to take a backseat except for Manila due to traffic congestion.

He added he will provide more money for agriculture, education, and health.

Duterte, who maintained a lead in the recent presidential surveys, said the people are desperate for change in government.

“They want to listen to somebody who would say ‘change government. Desperation is the driving thing,” he said. (Antonio L. Colina IV/MindaNews)

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  1. it’s not just because of the rape remarks.

    discerning voters are having second thoughts on him over his stand on the west philippine sea claims (shutting up in exchange for trains), his chumminess with the NPA and MILF, and his abrasive response to America and Australia.

    he’s receptive when it comes to the chinese but when it comes to longtime allies, he does not hesitate to say he’s willing to cut ties.

    he refuses to accept a mistake and asserts that he did nothing wrong. he’s just like ngoyngoy aquino. he will likely be worse than ngoyngoy.

    what kind of president would he be with that kind of attitude?

    china already has plans of building floating nuclear power plants. imagine having those on our territorial waters and exposing us to radioactivity dangers.

    • Duterte is right and our vote will never never change for him. We won’t mindthe criticismsagaint Dutertebec. this nation is unexplicable of trouble. Duterte willgive this nation a 360 degrees change. That is what we want. GO DUTERTE & CAYETANO 2016

      • hahahaha 360 degree change? hahahahaahah
        good luck to that change

        fine, that’s your choice. nobody should force you to submit to other people’s preferences.

        anyway, what’s duterte’s comment about the recent NPA kidnapping? still not going to say anything bad about his friends? he can quickly curse everyone but not his terrorist friends?

        • You can talk anything more than what you want to talk against duterte. That’s fine…..diyan kayo masaya…. Duterte 2016

          • why can’t you answer my questions? ang linaw ng tanong ko dun sa comment na sinagot mo pero wala kang maisagot..

          • Do not terrorized me to answer you kasi ayaw kung pumatol sa mga maninirang tao. I tell you…. We will standby forDuterte.

          • Ano ang issagot ko sa iyo, pakialaman ko ang personal life ni duterte na walang katotohahan kagaya ng mga ginagawa niyo na puro tira kasi ang kikitid ng utak niyo … “you know you belong to small minds that talk about people”. parehaskayo ng amo mo na si Roxas mahilg sa personalan kaya hindi kayo maka convince ng tao. kahit ano pa ang gawing niyng pagmamatigas na magaling si Roxas, wala kang mapapala. Eh ano ngayon kun puro kami kay Duterte…. may reklamo ka. Bobo ka tanga pa. Akalamo kung sino ka magsalita…

          • may valid akong tanong hindi mo sinagot. paulit ulit ka lang ng comment pero yong tanong ko sa first comment hindi mo masagot.

          • Sinong nag validate ng tanong mo at sinbi mong valid?Anong validity ang sinasabi. nagday dream ka yata or may sayad ka. huwag kayong mag mataas masyado……

          • hoy ang tanong sagutin mo. wag kang iwas nang iwas. ang tangå. ang hilig mong sumagot sa comments ko pero ng iimbento ka naman ng bagong topic.

          • hoy ang tanong sagutin mo. wag kang iwas nang iwas. ang tangå. ang hilig mong sumagot sa comments ko pero ng iimbento ka naman ng bagong topic.

            valid ang tanong ko kasi SUMAGOT KA sa comment ko.

            kung wala ka palang punto, bakit ka sumagot? ganyan ka na katimång? sagot ka lang nang sagot wala ka palang puntong sinasagot?

        • dahil hindi nagnanakaw ang NPA, They have arm struggle which needs political strong keader to address the problem. Actually, cursing is a shallow reason not to vote for him. bakit nalaha naman tayo nagmumura pag natisod at angulat.

          • ANO?????
            hindi magnanakaw ang NPA?
            arsonista lang? kidnapper lang? extortionist lang? nanghihingi lang ng revolutionary taxes?
            please wake up.

            no forget what i said.

            i give up. it appears what one american said recently about the filipino electorate really holds water.

    • Before Duterte weill sit down, the problem in china occured before Aquino Administration na pinabayaan. That’s whjy how incompetent are our leaders and inuna ang kanilang bulsa from stealing people’smoney. and enriching themselves. Assuming Duterte is receptive to chinese , would you do not count how many chinese natiionals are now living and investing in our country. I thinlkDutyertewould like just want a diplomatic approach. Yong mga sumawsaw na country in the campaign ay hindi tama. Parabang wala ng backbone ang Pilipiinas na kailangan mag hanap ng kakampi even in the campaign…paramapag usapan. I contradict to the idea kasi wala naman silang pakialam saelectiion campaign. kunmay makialam sa election day, that is the badfate of the Philippines . Regarding the dangers that china woulddo that will be settled in time when duterte will sit down with China. Duterte is not a foolish guy as what others are saying. Di naging circus sana at wala ng tatanggap kay Duterte sa Davao. But Davao is progressing and there are many investors…..Soon Davao is like Manila. So be it.

      • Si PaNotski lang naman at si Marimar ang ayaw ng diplomatic negotiations sapagkat sunud-sunuran sila kay Uncle Sam. Ok lang sa dalawang yan na maging sacrificial lamb ang mga pinoy para sa amo nilang si Obama.

      • what diplomatic approach?
        you think you can solve things with bilateral talks?
        wake up!
        duterte himself said he will willingly “shut up” on our claims in exchange for trains. how s2pid is that?

        now, the chinese are planning to deploy maritimne nuclear plants to power their lighthouse and other facilities in south china sea.

        this country does not even have a single nuclear power plant because of the risks associated with them but our would-be president duterte will shut up on our claims and possibly let the chinese deploy those nuke plants near our people in kalayaan?

        forget about the cursing and rudeness. the real issue with duterte is his plans for this country. his chinese leanings and his tolerance for the atrocities of terrorists in mindanao.

        • ano naman ang ibubugamo saChina? Kung hindi ka makipag ayos ng usapan and sit down squarely. Tao din yan sila na makinig. Kung puro pasaring gayang mga supporters ni Roxas, at pangaralan pa ang mga supporters ni Duterte…

          • utak “BBL or no peace” ka pala.
            sino bang nagsabing makikipaglaban miltarily at kailangang may “ibuga”?

            hindi to dichotomy.

            kaya nga ginagamit natin ngayon ang ITLOS at ang fact na interesadong interesado ang US sa south china sea kaya hindi nito pababayaan ang pilipinas.

            nagbabasa ka ba ng news?

            sinubukan ni abnoy ang bilateral at may back channel pa nga. anong nangyari? nawala sa atin ang panatag! naniwala sila sa sinabi nga mga tsekwa na magwiwithdraw daw sila pero ang pilipinas lang pala ang nagwithdraw.

            ganyan katuso yang mga dmonyong yan kaya hindi uubra ang bilateral talks.

            si dutiti gusto ng trains at mananahimik na daw siya? anong kabuångan yan!
            sumuko na nga siya sa NPA at MILF. pati ba naman sa mga intsik?

          • utak mo abnoy, palayasin mo lahat angchinese dito at ang mga investor… kayo yata ng utak mong bobo.

          • ang bob0 mo. bakit palalayasin? sinong magpapalayas? nabuang ka na talaga kakasinghot ng sampot ni dutiti no?

          • mataas ngaang mga iri niyo. mag isip ka kung kaya mo. lahat ngayon nag patronize ng products ng china at nakinanbang . palayasin mo kung kaya mo. baka ikaw mismo may china made products na gamit mo ngayon.

          • yan ang tinatawag na kabob0han. so kung bumibili tayo ng products nila, magpapasakop na tayo.

            sinong may sabing palalayasin? nabuang ka na dong? gaya ng idol mo?

            unsa na bay mga sulod sa inyong ulo? ang layo na ng imagination mo.

            hindi pwede mag-assert ng territorial claims na magme-maintain pa rin ng economic ties? ganyan kahina ang utak mo? ang nakikita mo lang duterte’s logic?

            nanonood ka naman siguro ng news no?

            tingnan mo ang ginagawa ng japan. ng vietnam.
            may economic ties sila kahit mas mainit pa ang bangayan nila pero hindi nagpapatalo ang japan at vietnam at hindi nila pinuputol economic ties nila.

            hindi gaya ng idol mo. sinita lang nang konti, gusto nang putulin ang ties sa longtime allies ng pilipinas.

            ganyan ka na katangå for your idol?
            magbago ka dong. may oras pa. hindi oras na roxas na. maraming oras, hindi pag-aari ni roxas ang oras. baka isipin mo na naman pinu-promote ko si roxas.

          • Bogok man ka oi takataka ka ra man dihag storya u were never for Duterte to start with but we welcome you to live in mindanao for you to see and feel . By the way Davao is way better or napag iwananan na ang Manila. Davao is peaceful and progressive. Cebu is way better than Manila . Look for news where these cities got international wonderful remarks. Andumi ng Manila . Mga kawatan kun Saan Saan ultimo post office nyo andaming kawatan . We don’t have that here in Cagayan de oro . My advise if u have friends in the provinces send your packages there to avoid manakawan

          • wa may sulod na imong ulo ui.
            taga mindanao siguro ko ug bata pa ko naglaroy laroy na ko sa kadaghang probinsya.

        • strategist lang si Duterte at ginagamit utak at puso. kaya lng pag mamabaw lang pag intindi , di nakikita kung ano ka releavant ang punto ni Mayor Duterte. Noon nga galit ako sa kanya, kaya lang noong nakita ko ang tunay na hangarin nya, I changed my choice. It must be him.

          • nge.
            anong klaseng strategy ang mag-jetski sa bato para magtayo ng flag?

            never ako galit kay duterte pero i’m thinking of what will happen to my country under his rule.

            imagine terrorists in the south becoming emboldened because they already have the favor of the top honcho in the philippine government.

            imagine china taking over the entire west philippine sea because the president chose to do bilateral talks with these treacherous chinx. abn0y already tried bilateral talks and look what happened to our panatag shoal. and future president duterte will try that approach again.

    • kaya nga nagagawa nya ang mga bagay na mi kabuluhan dahil meron sya persistency . Yan kailangan natin ang hindi napeprsuade kung anong bagay. No compromise on his decision. kung ako sayo go back to your first instinct dahil yon ang tama. hindi ka nagkamali sa una mong choice na si Duterte.. Puso ang pinapairial nya. sya nga lang ang umaamin ng kasalanan eh. ang iba dyan, panay tangi at cover up . mas masahol pa nga ang ginagawa nila.

      • no compromise on decisions? nge. ilang ulit na ba siya nagpapalit-palit ng decisions?

        please don’t lie. i already accept that duterte will be the next president.
        let’s stop being diehard fans now. he will already win it. no doubt about it.

        if you continue brown-nosing, you may end up creating a monster in digong.

        be a discerning follower.

    • Yes, by God’s grace this is a tough battle for the Philippines to change / We pray for the protection of Duterte against his rivals who are playing dity campaigns.

      • tama kase, it is only God can make all this things happen. I think, Gd will use him for cleansing the country unto righteousness – righteous indignation is what he is displaying ringht now.

  2. Duterte is never lose this election. The people will stand for him, we, as one nation are tired of your promises, trash system and dishonest government. #DUCAY

  3. Who will take care of the people from criminality? Obviously, not you, Duterte, you support the criminal activities of the NPA!

    • poverty is not a problem but corruption of leaders is a problem that kill people. and not Duterte who is killing the people. Duterte hate thos corrupt leader who kills the poor without food to eat, was not able top send their chilldren to school bec. the program for the poor went to their pocketetcc.

    • hahaha. anong self destruct.? Self sacrifice kamo kase, tinataya nya buhay nya bahala, maging masama sa tingin ng mga santo at santa.basta maiparating nya ang nababagay para sa mga mahihirap at ninanakawan ng pera .Pobre na nananakawan pa. Saan ang puso ng mga ibang Cnadidato> hind nyo ba nakikita ang pattern ng mga ginagawa nya na esacripisyo ang buha nya parang lang mapalaya ang mga biktimi. buksan mo ang isipan at puso para Makita mo ang katotohanan

  4. It is not about serving the Filipinos, it’s all about Digong and his big ego. I believe a Philippines under the presidency of Duterte can join Iran, North Korea, and until recently Cuba, to sever diplomatic ties with the U.S. But at what price? I wonder if this is what most Filipinos want… I’m sure China would be more than happy to fill in the economic void… but would this be more beneficial for the country? I think the average Filipino voter is beginning to see what candidate Duterte is really all about… It’s all about him, and him alone and nothing else or no one else matter. It’s all about his ego, his mouth, manner, conduct, etc. Gising na kayo mga kabayan huwag kayong maniwala sa taong walang modo, burot, babaero, at iba pa…

    • You quoted ” It is not about serving the Filipinos, it’s all about Digong and his big ego” Nonsense ka rin pala. Ang pinagusapan dito ay tungkol sa change of government hindi si Duterte. I wonder why most followers are talking too much about Duterte hindi na sa direction ng maaring makapagbago ng bayan. ang mga issues against kay Duterte bec. are not true.Those are just dirty campaigns against him .. Duterte is a smart man and sincere but he can be stupid for those who are stupid. Until this last debate, we will standby to VOTE FOR DUTERTE. Nothing new can change.

      • oo nga kase hindi wise voters yong sa ibang candidato, Duterte lang ang may unique na personalidad among the candidates, kay hindi sya natitinag. Destined to be the next president. hehee

        • Corrrect tayo. He has a different views unlike POE BINAY ROXAS who were memorizing datas at nag paligsahan kung sino ang magaling ag present, when the people need what is something new for a change. God Bless Philippines.

    • This what we called hypocracy. You traded the love of county with personal ego. what is more important to you , the display of noble acts or personal weakness. We all have weaknesses as human beings. baka ikaw hindi ka nagmumura ero di ka ba nagkakasala at walang ego. lahat tayo ay may ganyan ugali kaya ayaw mo ng inaapi eh. kaya may ego ka rin. Be wise in choosing , anhin mo yan si poe na hindi nga nagmumura sa harapan pero sabi ng kakalilala ko magaling mag mura yan. si ar roxa desnte , pero sinungaling din at magnanakaw, din kase maykakilala ako na nakbili pa ng tent para sa Yolanda, aanhin mo binay, n magnanakaw din. kung elimination pa si duterte ang outstanding. Di ba , dahil sa pagmamahal nya sa bayan.


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