Duterte: Some of my properties were gifts from friends

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DAVAO CITY (MindaNews/03 May) — Partido Demokratiko Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan standard-bearer and Davao City Mayor Rodrigo R. Duterte on Monday said some of his properties were given by friends.

Duterte added that longtime friend Pastor Apollo Quiboloy also bought his children — Vice Mayor Paolo Duterte, Sara Duterte-Carpio, and Sebastian Duterte — houses in upscale Woodridge Subdivision in Davao City.

Quiboloy said he bought these properties to ensure his friend’s children would be secure in case something happened to their father who was trying to rid the city of criminals and drug addicts many years ago.

Duterte, speaking on Quiboloy’s TV program “Give Us This Day”, issued the statement in response to Senator Antonio Trillanes IV’s accusation the mayor did not declare millions of pesos in bank deposits in his Statement of Assets, Liabilities and Net Worth.

Trillanes claimed Duterte had P211 million in one bank account alone and millions more in other accounts.

“Truth is only my protection. He can hit me with all the accusations, but the truth can protect me,” Duterte said.

“Trillanes, being a liar, is a threat. If that guy remains in the government, ang mga military mawalan ng respeto sa kanya (the military will lose respect in him),” he said.

Duterte ate up most of the airtime defending himself and lashing at Trillanes, a vice presidential candidate who exposed the mayor’s alleged hidden wealth last week.

“Trillanes is dakilang askal. He is a mad dog. He has a sick mind,” he said.

He said he was expecting the senator to come out with new allegations each day until the May 9 elections.

On Monday, Duterte’s lawyer Salvador Panelo, armed with a special power of attorney, met up with Trillanes at the Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) Julia Vargas branch to look into the presidential bet’s bank records.

However, it would take seven days for BPI to issue a certification that his accounts did not contain millions as alleged by Trillanes, who claimed be got the information from a certain Joseph de Mesa.

Duterte went to say that Trillanes is the “weakest link in the government” and questioned his dealings with China over the disputed Scarborough Shoal in 2012.

“The last time he went there, we lost the Scarborough Shoal, which is ours because it is within our exclusive economic zone… I don’t believe he went there on his own without the blessing of [President Benigno] Aquino,” he said..

Duterte said that if he becomes president he will resolve the territorial row with China through peaceful means.

“China is our friend. We do want to go to war,” he said.

In an emailed statement on Tuesday, the Duterte-Cayetano media team quoted the presidential frontrunner as saying he will no longer entertain questions pertaining to Trillanes’ allegations.

“But it was a vow he made right after he called Trillanes a ‘paid askal’, a portmanteau word for ‘asong-kalye’ or stray or street dog,” it said. (Antonio L. Colina IV/MindaNews)

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  1. DU30 has become a lesser evil compared to Roxas who is using the party machinery and the government funds to push the LGU’s to make him win the elections.

      • Ask Trillanes about being a rebel and being friends with China. I bet you’ll be enlightened! BTW Our Clan is for DUTERTE! How about your clan?

        • Oh.. By the way did you see How your candidate is up tight with Jo Ma sison? Did you see how he plans to make friends with china? You talk about Trillanes making friends with china as SPECULATION your candidate is out front about it.. Also… If your ENTIRE CLAN JUMPED OFF A BRIDGE would you jump to? Just like LEMMINGS… My advice QUESTION EVERYTHING even the words your candidate say.

          • Have you seen the whole/unedited video of Duterte talking to JOMA? For your last question Itanong mo yan sa mga miyembro ng Iglesia ni Cristo. Pagmata na Dodong!

          • Have you seen him go MABUHAY ANG NPA? And have you seen him threaten if there is cheating they will attack? Heck he’s preparing to fight… One track mind… You think the AFP will sit on their hands? and let them do what they want?

          • The AFP? Ask Faeldon about that, they want change of Leadership with Political Will. Look what happened to the SAF 44? Even Roxas said he was blinded? What is that? That’s he’s excuse? Korina’s husband can only win through MASSIVE Cheating. The administration of Aquino acts as if all Filipinos are ignorant of what is happening around them. The people have already spoken! Thank you for input. Good luck!

          • The difference being they are going against the NPA this time… This has never happened in history… Dont expect another Oakwood or Bonifactio type siege.

      • Pnoy admin has resorted to vote buying using LGU’s funds and 4 P’s. Don’t you see any evil in that?

        • Your candidate recives houses and cars from Pastor Quiboloy is that right? And do you see any evil in that? Last time I chcked it’s against 1 presidential Decree and 1 Penal Code… THATS ILLEGAL do you see ANY EVIL IN THAT?

          • I can see evil in Pnoys appointees, I can see incompetence, I can clearly remember LRT, MRT, NAIA, ASG, SAF44, Mla Hostage Crisis. 20/20. How aBOUT you?

          • I see CPP-NPA marching behind your candidate and scaring off foreign investors and taking away freedom of speech!… As well as new masters to rape the country and selling it to china much like those guys in Nikel Asia Corporation.

          • Well if you consider the construction boom… the explosion in BPO outsourcing the last six years. Yup scary all right.

          • Um… Davao city hostage crisis… Matagal na laglag worse… Ginawang joke ang australian na missonary…

          • Ha3. patay nga un hostage at mga nang-ape e..Kay Pnoy un mga pumatay sa SAF44 buhay n buhay pa.. at marami pang iba..

          • Well did he make a joke about it?
            Last time I checked… Making Jokes about raping a caucasian missionary is not in good taste… People can die from gun fire and bad happenings… Making jokes about it is offensive… You’d loose that smile if someone makes a joke about someone you loved got raped and liked… Wouldnt you/

          • Even if Pnoy is not the President, BPO and the likes will boom because the Philippines remains a good place for business.. un nga lang huli pa rin compared to others dahil mahilig sa manipulation ng pondo at pag-akusa sa mga kalaban si Panot. Nkalimutan ang mga Boss nya.

          • Well Did you see the stock market go nuts? If you thought that was fun… lets see you protest in the streets when people start to loose jobs… Cavorting with the NPA does not boost investor confidence… since the NPA wants to nationalize all industries.

          • Well it’s against the two laws… PD47 and against the Anti graft corupt practices law… He himself admitted the commision of a crime…

          • Well… GMA… Erap and FVR… The person who invented this Pimentel… tHe funny part is… With it gone… The next president CANNOT buy politicians anymore… If I where you study history you will be pleasanty surprised whats even funnier the supreme court said it’s legal… then not….

        • Last time I checked giving 170 million pesos in Davaos inteliigence fund was treason. Do you see any evil in that… And burying a terroist that killed people with heros burial is just evil… Obviously you dont see that.

          • Maybe you don’t see the funds being given as I mentioned. Good luck to your vote, if you are registered.

    • Oh recieving houses from someone is also NOT a good thing… Keep in mind the money the Pastor is giving away came from the poor people of DAVAO. Also is it listed in the SALN of those involved?


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