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Mindanao: Into the 21st Century
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Do you want to own a copy of “Mindanao Into the 21st Century: A Photographic Journey?” This photobook is a one-of-a-kind photobook on Mindanao produced by MindaNews photographers. 

Just submit an Instagram picture of an Everyday Mindanao scene: people at work, places, culture or anything that depicts daily life in Mindanao using your mobile devices.


Who can join?
This is open to all Mindanawons / Mindanao residents with a smartphone or tablet (iOS devices, Android, etc.). We will require submission of proof of address for the winners. Relatives of MindaNews staff / members up to 2nd degree of consanguinity are disqualified.

How to join?
After taking the picture with your mobile devices*, upload it in your Instagram account and use the hashtag #ourmindanao. The photos will appear on page.

Write a brief caption (description of the scene, or what the people in the picture are doing, when and where the picture was taken), your name and the hashtag.

Sample caption: A fisherman inspects sun-dried octopuses at a beach in General Luna town in Siargao Island, Surigao del Norte on Saturday, June 1, 2013. Roel Catoto #ourmindanao

Can I apply filters?
Yes, you may apply filters available in your Instagram.

How many entries can I submit?
Five entries per month. Photos should be taken starting September 5, 2013 and cut off of submission is on September 29(12 midnight). But on suceeding months, photos taken from first day to the 29th of the month.

How will the winners be selected?
Every month, MindaNews editors and photographers will select a “Photo of the Month” based on the following criteria:

Relevance   ———————————– 40%
Composition & technical excellence:—— 30 %
Visual Impact:———————————30%

We will also have  “Photos of the Week” which will be selected based on the number of LIKES earned on the MindaNews Facebook page.  These pictures will be published in Mindanews will also select a “Photo of the Week,” based on the number LIKES earned on our Facebook Page.

The monthly winners and the “Photo of the Week” will be required to email the original unfiltered photo as well as the finished image after applying Instagram filters. 
This is for verification and for publication in MindaNews’  “OUR Mindanao” newsmagazine. We need higher resolution images for print. 

What are the prizes?

“Photo of the Month” winners will receive a photobook entitled “Mindanao Into the 21st Century: A Photographic Journey,” a one-of-a-kind photobook on Mindanao produced by MindaNews photographers. “Photo of the Week” winner will get an OurMindanao T-shirt and Mindanews pouch.

I won; can I join again?
“Photo of the Month” winners can no longer join the contest. But the rest of the photographers whose entries were included in the “Photos of the Week” can join the contest again.

*Loading photos taken by digicam or dSLR into your smartphone and apply Instagram filters from there is prohibited. That is easy to detect.