Dureza’s security vehicle hits motorbike; driver killed

QUEZON, Bukidnon (MindaNews/17 August) – A security vehicle that accompanied Mindanao Development Authority (MinDA) chair Jesus Dureza en route to  the 1st Regional Media Conference in Malaybalay City, figured in an accident Saturday with riders of a motorcycle along the
highway of Purok Mabuhay, Barangay Salawagan, killing the motorcycle driver and injuring his companion.

The extract from the  police blotter of the Quezon Municipal Police Station, signed by PO2 Dennon Gomez, said that at around 11 a.m. on Saturday, August 14, a red Yamaha Crypton motorcycle bearing plate number KJ 6044 “was allegedly bumped by a Toyota Hilux G- pick-up with
temporary plate number 1352-2227 owned by United Nations Development Programme.”

Killed was Andres Perez, 73, a resident of  Mahayag. Perez drove the motorcycle with Aqulino Perez, 28, riding behind him. Police investigation revealed that the Toyota Hilux driven by Edilberto Pejes Loquente, which had come from Davao City, was moving at 140 kph (kilometers per hour) as it was tailing the vehicle where Dureza rode. Dureza was then “heading towards Malaybalay City, Bukidnon to attend a seminar.”

Upon reaching Purok Mabuhay, the blotter entry said, the motorcyle which came from Mahayag, Quezon and was heading for Minungan, also in
Quezon, “tried to maneuver left.” According to the blotter, when the driver of the Hilux vehicle “saw the  motorcycle was about to maneuver to (the) left (side), he tried to occupy the opposite lane unfortunately as the Toyota Hilux occupied the opposite lane, the said motorcycle was not able to turn left instead he returned to his side,” hence the motorcycle was hit by the Toyota Hilux.

Andres Perez, the motorcyle driver, was pronounced dead upon arrival at the St. Claire Hospital. His companion, Aqulino Perez, 28, was
still in the hospital as of Monday. Police Inspector Raymond Lunapay, Quezon deputy police chief, told reporters Monday that the victims’ family has decided not to file a case. He said a settlement had been agreed upon between the victims’ relatives and the Dureza party.

Dureza, whose vehicle was way ahead of the  Hilux vehicle, told reporters in Malaybalay that when he learned about the accident, he proceeded immediately to the police station in Quezon to report the matter. (MindaNews)