MindanaoArt (8 of 10): COLLECTIVE EXPRESSIONS by Likha-Karaga

1st Mindanao Art Fair and Exhibit
Theme: Traversing the River of Creativity
Atrium of Gaisano Mall, Davao City
10 a.m. to 9 p.m, October 5 and 6, 2019 

(Exhibit Notes from MindanaoArt)


LIKHA-KARAGA, is a visual arts organization based in Butuan City, Caraga Region. It is composed of promising and talented visual artists in various field.

Founded by a group of artist-friends led by Richard Dela Cruz and Gualberto M. Licong Jr. back in year 2000, the main objective to the organization is create, promote, develop and share art to its members and to its community. This objective is aligned to the preservation and conservation of our culture and environment through social, political, economic and spiritual endeavors.

The year after it was organized, Likha Karaga has been conducting several groups exhibits and art workshops and seminars in and outside Butuan City. Todate, it has 46 members.

Likha-Karaga exhibiting artists at the 1st Mindanao Art Fair, Exhibit and Conference on October 4-6, 2019 are:

John Lester Garcia

Artist: John Lester Garcia
Oil on Canvas
Price : 25,000











Jobert Bermejo Oclarit
(listed as among the artists but no photo of artwork included in Exhibit Notes)


Roland Delara

Artist: Roland Delara
“Ugma Napod”
Oil on Canvas
Price: P30,000









Cris Tamis

Artist: Cris Tamis
Oil on Canvas
Price: 45,000













Rades Allegre

Artist: Rades Allegre
Watercolor on Paper
Price: P5,000













Zin Ortiz

Artist: Zin Ortiz
Watercolor on Paper
Price: P10,000









Ariel Sitoy

Artist: Ariel Sitoy
“BUSO” (boo-soo)
3ft x 4ft
Paper Mache
Price : 20,000













Marvin Eric Simudlan

Artist: Marvin Simudlan
“Great Providers”
Oil on Canvas
3×3 Ft
Price : 25,000












GM Licong














Goy Baldo Candelario

Artist: Goy Candelario
Oil on Canvas
22×21 Inch
Price: P20,000














Resty Sala

Artist: Resty Sala
“Pamilyang Kabaw”
Oil on Canvas
21.5 x 17.5 inches
Price: P20,000









Anna Marie Perez

Artist: Anna Marie Perez
“Scattered brain”
Acrylic on Canvas
3 x 3.5 ft
Price: 15,000
Artist: Anna Marie Perez
Acrylic on Canvas
4×3 ft
Price: P20.000


























SonnyBoy Socceres Jr.

Artist: SonnyBoy Socceres jr.
Water Color on Paper
Price: P15,000
Artist: SonnyBoy Socceres jr.
Water Color on Paper
Price: P15,000
Artist: SonnyBoy Socceres jr.
“Point of View”
Watercolor on Paper
Price: P15,000




































Alwin Musa

Artist: Alwin Musa
“A Thankful Soul”
Acrylic on Canvas
Price: P60,000















Jojo Pablo

Artist: Jojo Pablo
“Bulawanung harbis “
Oil on Canvas
2ft” x 3.5ft”
Price: 70,000









Jessie B. Tariga, Jr.

Artist: Jessie Tariga Jr.
“Bahandianong Karaga”
Acrylic on Canvas
Price: P10.000














Artist collectives are typically a collection of individuals with similar interests in producing and documenting art as a group. These groups can range in size from a few people to thousands of member. The style of art produced can have vast differences. Motivations can be for a common cause or individually motivated purposes.

Some collectives are simply people who enjoy painting with someone else and have no other goals or motivations for forming their collective.

Butuan City, having a network of artist and supportive peers, have agreed to participate in the First Mindanao Art Fair. This diverse group of artists, informed by their shared experiences and working proximity over the years, are developing methods to critique, analyze, and express representational and conceptual images, materials, and relations, this motivated the roasters of artist and together and separately, their working processes have become an almost instinctual critical approach to looking at and making images—formed in the intensive learning and working environment.

Predominant in the artworks are everyday sceneries of a region that is still with idyllic despite inroads of development, with stark reminders of the people’s identities and resources.