POETRY: The Morning Dew

Morning dew. MindaNews photo by BOBBY TIMONERA

(The rainy season has just come forth and every morning I see a few awesome dew desperately hanging on for dear life only to be dried up later and vanished as the sun lords over the earth. I thought of immortalizing the morning dew through a poem).

You are to the leaf a magic crystal
Embedded like gem on a pedestal
Indeed you are the precious gem
That adds beauty to the leaf and stem

I wonder if you were sent from above
By One who fills the world with love
To remind mortals nothing is forever
That everything returns to the Giver

How I wish I could touch you
And bring you close to the bayou
But there’s no use hoping and chasing
Loving does not always mean possessing 

If only you can hang on forever
If only you can be more clever
If only you can bear the sunlight
You will forever be my delight


Maugan P. Mosaid, PhD (FB Account: Maxim Sense) is a freelance writer. He is a planning consultant and teaches Statistics in the graduate school.