BATANG MINDANAW: Politically Incorrect

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Alexandria M. Mordeno, 12/07/2016

But you didn’t stay long enough
For my Karl Marx and Socialism.
How I still dream of a classless Utopian society
Where everyone gets equal opportunities,
Even though I know this is practically impossible
Given our society’s current situation.
You didn’t stay long enough to know
That if we were from different classes,
One a proletariat, the other a bourgeois,
I would still have chosen you.
During the French Revolution I would have
Waved a flag with my one hand
And held yours tight with the other.

You didn’t stay long enough for my Adolf Hitler.
How if I were a German and you were a Jew
I would still be on the other side
Of the Berlin Wall with you,
Even if it meant living each day
In fear of being gunned down in the street.

You didn’t stay long enough for my Ferdinand Marcos.
How I would have searched for you
In each and every prison camp
If you suddenly disappeared without a trace one day;
And if I didn’t find you
Then I would be among the protesters in EDSA
Shouting your name at the top of my lungs
Until my throat is dry and sore.

But this isn’t the French Revolution
Or the Holocaust
Or Martial Law.
This is the 21st Century
Where boxers and actors
Become senators;
Where plutocracy hides
In the face of democracy;
Where people are unjustly shot
In the pretense of achieving
A safer society.

This isn’t the French Revolution
Or the Holocaust
Or Martial Law.
This is the 21st century
Where promises become excuses;
Where uncertainty hides in the face of love;
Where the one who was supposed to
Throw away the gun
Is the one behind the trigger.

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