Fruit festival postponed due to lack of fruits

In 2005 the city government has celebrated the annual Timpupo festival in August. Lanzones, rambutan, marang, mangosteen, durian, banana and pomelo were in abundance then. In fact, one could walk the street and eat the fruits for free.

Despite the scarcity of fruits, however, the city government still allocated half a million pesos for the celebration in October.

“Our fruit growers assured us that by the last week of September,  exotic fruits will have been available for the fruit festival,” Cabiles said.

Cabiles said the city has been promoting the festival across the country. Giant tarpaulins, he said, were even displayed at the Ninoy Aquino International airport  to attract local and foreign tourists.

He admitted they had difficulty in terms of promotion since the annual celebration of Timpupo depended on the availability of fruits produced by local growers’ associations. (Williamor A. Magbanua/MindaNews)