DA to distribute livestock in Sarangani

“This is in line with the ‘hunger mitigation program’ of President Arroyo,” provincial veterinarian Dr. Joselito B. Gleyo said in an interview during the Animal Health Care Seminar Thursday at the Provincial Gymnasium in Capitol Complex here.

Gleyo said 445 chickens and 159 goats will be dispersed to the target barangays in the seven municipalities of Sarangani. The varieties of chicken to be distributed include Sasso, Kabir and native.

To ensure that the project will be sustained, the provincial government will sign a Memorandum of Agreement with the barangay councils.

The task of the councils is to help monitor the animals received by the beneficiaries.

Gleyo said each beneficiary would receive either one goat or 5 heads of chicken (four hens and one rooster).

He said the beneficiaries would follow a mechanism to ensure that the animals produce offspring for succeeding beneficiaries.

“The goat or chicken will remain under the ownership of the Municipal Agriculturist Office until they return what were given to them,” he said.

He explained that the beneficiaries will sign an Affidavit of Undertaking that will oblige them to take care of the animals. Those who receive a goat shall return one three-month-old female kid and those who avail of chickens shall turn over the same number of fowls to the MAO.

He added the succeeding beneficiaries will follow the same scheme to enable the majority of the barangay residents to avail of the project.

The MAO and the barangay councils will identify succeeding beneficiaries.

Gleyo stressed that the beneficiaries should undergo seminars of animal health care for them to know about animal nutrition, common diseases and prevention. They will receive the farm animals after undergoing such seminar.

Sarangani is classified as the 4th poorest province in the country.

The provincial government, with the help of other institutions, is keen on providing its constituents with basic services like potable water.

It has also prioritized the improvement of farm to market roads to increase the income of farmers. Agriculture and fishing are the two major economic activities of the people of Sarangani.

The Growth with Equity in Mindanao, Japan International Cooperation Agency, United Nations Development Programme, United Nations Children Educational Fund, Food and Agriculture Organization, Peace with Equity Foundation and local non-government organizations are among the institutions that have implemented infrastructure and other projects in the province.

Governor Miguel Rene A. Dominguez said he wanted to improve the economic condition of the people by providing basic needs, quality education and enterprise development, as well as working for peaceful communities and encouraging investments.

Hundreds of members and supporters of New Peoples Army from the towns of Alabel, Malapatan and Maasim have reportedly left the armed struggle owing to the interventions by different government agencies for the poor. (Gandhi C. Kinjiyo/MindaNews)