Corn price at its highest, for now

William Barangan, the manager, said the corn's price shot up because January to March are considered lean months.

The constant rains have also affected the transport of corn from Bukidnon and Cotabato, the region's main sources.

Another cause why the corn price has increased is the increase in the price of fertilizers which has gone up from P1,000 per bag to P1,300 per bag.

Barangan said this is the first time the corn price has reached the buying price of P13.

Last year's highest buying price was P12.

The increase in the buying price of corn has affected the price of pork because most feeds are corn-based.

But Barangan said the price of corn is expected to go down after this month's harvest.

Aside from corn, rice, cooking oil, and pork, prices of other commodities have remained steady.

Refined sugar, which sold at P36 per kilo last month now sells at P34 per kilo while the price of brown sugar has remained at P34 per kilo.

The price of bangus has gone down from P100 last year to P90 while the prices of tilapia and galunggong have remained at P65 and P80, respectively. (MindaNews)