Wanted: Moro for All Seasons

Nurture for me more MOROS
Ye mentors and gurus,
That they may acquirw the "ILM" of Nabi Sulayman
With tongue of truth to enlighten mankind

Reserve for me Muslim MOROS
Hamja-like with their bows and arrows;
Handsome Krisa-wielders and tireless swimmers,
With Achilles physique of fearless trailblazers.

Employ for me countless MOROS
Whose hands are attuned to toil
Amidst Allah-bestowed bountiful soil,
Twenty five hours each day,
Every Moro an ACHIEVER

Urgently wanted is a gently moderate MOROS
Among his peers he walks hand-in-hand,
He does not just command:
As vanguard of truth and Kamahardika-am*
Never outsmarted by colonial giants.

Salute the Moro youths "Best of the Best"
The Baccalaureate of Al-Qur'an and Hadiths,
Henceforth commencing the Muslim eras After Hijrah- 1426;
In thoughts, words and deeds: Onward the Moro Peace Advocates!

I sghall yearn no more for another MORO
Once the world hath bloom with thine kin's beau,
With MORO's blood in every vein that flows,
Happily I breath mine last to bin adieu.

MORO youths of tomorrow, thou art destined
To Bangsamoro homeland – awake and proclaim,
The "Nuur" of Islamic justice thou art to defend  -Allah, yaa Rabbul Aalamiin….
Let no graveyard entomb MIMJIM's dream.