Bayan Muna slams US military meddling

No one was killed in Cotabato City but 10 persons were killed in Friday’s blast in Bansalan.

The Bansalan police said the owner of Weena Bus phoned the dispatcher in Bansalan to relay the information to the driver that a bomb was on the bus but by then the bus had left. Minutes after leaving the public market of Bansalan for Davao City,  while cruising along Viacrucis St, a passenger pointed to a bag left behind by a passenger, which the bus conductor, Rusty Antelino and an Army corporal, Daryl Potestas, brought out of the bus. The bomb exploded just as they unloaded the bag.

“US intervention, by way of sending bomb experts and ancient Huey helicopters and other equipment, has only further endangered our country and our people from state terrorism, from enemies not our own but of the US,” 'Bayan Muna Southern Mindanao regional coordinator Jeppie Ramada said in a press statement.

“The Visiting Forces Agreement and the Human Security Act initiated through the efforts of the Arroyo and US governments ironically increased incidents of bomb attacks, kidnap for ransom incidents, and international threats caused by US military presence in the country,” Ramada stressed.

Bayan Muna recalled the series of bombing incidents in General Santos City, Kidapawan City, and South Cotabato last March which happened at the height of debates on the enactment of the Anti-terror Bill or the Human Security Act.

Before Friday’s explosions, a bomb had exploded also at the bus terminal in Cotabato City on May 18 and in Matalam, North Cotabato last June 8. (MindaNews)