SouthCot to go fiber optic

Engr. Danilo Supe, provincial planning and development officer, said the use of fiber optic cables will boost the line speed of its computer network that currently covers all the major departments and divisions of the local government.

“Since some of our transactions are now online, a faster line speed will also hasten the delivery of services of the provincial government,” he said.     

Supe said the upgrading of the systems would be implemented by the information technology (IT) unit, which is under his department.

Ronel Licayan, officer-in-charge of the IT unit, said the project will  cover the main line or “backbone” of the local government’s computer system.

He said they will use fiber optic cables to the lines connecting the administration and the new finance building.

Licayan said a “multi-mode graded index-type” of fiber optic cable will be deployed to the line using a technology developed in Germany, which is the pioneer in the fiber optics.

He said the equipment and the required upgrading works will cost at least P600,000.

Licayan explained that the main advantage of using fiber optic cables in their computer systems is its capability to increase the line speed of their local server from the current 100 to 1,000 megabytes per second (mbps).

“It will increase the line speed at least ten times. Right now, we are using unshielded twisted pair copper wire in our computer systems and we can’t really maximize our line speed,” he said.

Licayan said the adoption of the new technology means giving “greater connectivity or capacity to the existing computer system in our network.”

He said it would directly improve the operations of the provincial government’s local financial system that covers the treasury, assessor, accounting and budget offices.

Last year, the IT unit completed the network connection of the provincial governments departments and divisions.

It also facilitated the documentation and conduct of analysis and development of various systems that are useful to the province and worked on the recovery of the real property tax database of the provincial government’s treasury and assessor offices.(Allen V. Estabillo/MindaNews)