Ferdie Lintuan reserved a P10 daily fund for youngest son

When a gunman shot Ferdie dead at around 9:40 a.m. on December 24, Von Carlo and his three older brothers, became orphans.  Their mother succumbed to cancer two years ago.

The P10 daily budget , according to Ferdie’s friend Alex Montanez, a former radio personality who now heads a billboard advertising firm, was for Von Carlo’s computer games. He said Ferdie would leave the amount with Von Carlo’s nanny to be given to the boy only after doing his school assignments.

Von Carlo is in Grade 5 at the Fatima School in Ma-a.  

Montanez said it was one of Ferdie’s way of handling Von Carlo, who was only eight when his wife, Nora, passed away in August 2005.

Ferdie was gunned down as he was driving his green Volkswagen after his radio program at DXGO where he was a blocktimer. Ferdie was also sports coordinator of Compostela Valley for the Philippine Sports Comimssion. He was the first president of the Davao Sportswriters’ Association.

A priest-friend who visited the wake Christmas night spoke of how “devastated” Ferdie was when his wife died.

He said Ferdie shared how difficult that period was and how he was helped by Ed Fernandez, a colleague who lost his wife to cancer a few years earlier, and who, like him, had to cope with being “inatay”  or mother and father.

Ferdie left behind sons Jan Marc, 20; Franz Ferdinand, 18, Steve, 14; and Von Carlo. (MindaNews)