“How will we survive,” Lintuan’s son asks aunt

The Lintuan children have lost both parents. The mother, Nora, succumbed to cancer in August 2005.

Lintuan’s cousin, Erlinea Salomeri, told a press conference called by the Volunteers Against Crime and Corruption (VACC) and the family of Lintuan that she was unable to give Jan Marc an answer. She could only assure him: "Ang Diyos ay hindi natutulog, may mga tao na tutulong (God is not sleeping, there will be people who will help)."

She added that the death of her cousin left the family worrying who will take care of the children Lintuan left behind — Jan Marc, 20; Franz Ferdinand, 18; Steve, 14; and the youngest, Von Carlo, 10.

Three of Lintuan's children are still studying and the family is worrying who will provide for their studies and other needs.

Salomeri said they had a family meeting where they initially discussed the future of the four children. It was suggested that the youngest would stay with Salomeri, who also has a 10-year-old child, but Jan Marc suggested that it is better if his brother Steve, who is a bit rebellious, would be the one to stay with her.

The family, however, will decide on what will happen to the children after the funeral.

Jan Marc, who is now left with the responsibility of caring for his younger brothers, said he will make sure that his brothers will be able to finish their studies.

He also said "tudluan nako sila how to live life sugod karon na kami-kami na lang jud (I will teach them how to live life now that we are on our own)."

Mayor Rodrigo Duterte has offered help to the family of Lintuan which Jan Marc accepted.

Rep. Prospero Nograles said on Dec. 25 that he was going to discuss scholarship plans with the guardians of Lintuan’s children.

"Kung para sa akong mga igsoon akong dawaton kung unsa tabang na ihatag (For my brothers I will accept whatever help they offer)," Jan Marc said.

He said he has nothing against Mayor Rodrigo Duterte who was implicated in the killing of Lintuan. Lintuan was reported to have been criticizing the “People’s Park” project for alleged anomalies.

Duterte said he would resign if proven there was an overprice even if by a measly P10. Duterte also asked anti-graft bodies to investigate the project.

"Dili ko pwede magpamataka ingnon kung kinsa nagpapatay sa akong papa (I cannot just accuse somebody of ordering the killing of my father)," Jan Marc answered a reporter who asked if he thinks the mayor ordered his father's killing.

Salomeri said that she also does not believe what the others are saying that the mayor ordered the killing of her brother.

"Hindi ako ang klase na tao na maniniwala sa sabi-sabi (I am not the kind of person who easily believes rumors)," Salomeri said.

VACC, whose founding chair, Dante Jimenez, came to the city to visit the family of Lintuan, said in a statement they "strongly condemn” the killing.

VACC also urged law enforcement agencies to “fast track the investigations to track down the killers of Ferdie Lintuan.” It said it hoped the case will not end up like those of the previous murdered journalists, which remain unsolved and forgotten.

The VACC is extending moral support and legal assistance to the family of Lintuan.

Jimenez also told politicians to stop their bickering because one of the things that can jeopardize investigation is when politicians dip their fingers in it. "Please spare this investigation and give it to the investigators," he stressed.

He said he already told the family of Lintuan not to allow politicians to get involved in the case. (MindaNews)