Christians visit mosques, Muslims visit churches in Davao City’s MWOP celebration

Adilao explained the many activities Muslims do inside their place of worship.

Adilao and his constituents welcomed Catholic priest Pete Lamata and Protestant Pastor Mariano Apilado, representatives of the Bishop Ulama Conference (BUC), members of Catholic, Methodist, Baptist churches, and the Philippine National Police, to their mosque at the Mini Forest along Quezon Boulevard last Monday.

After the mosque visitation at Mini-forest, the group proceeded to the United Church of Christ in the Philippines (UCCP) headed by Pastor Apilado, UCCP Davao executive pastor.

Apilado lamented that the cause for misunderstanding is the ignorance of other's cultures.

"There is very little that we know about other denomination and this is one reason why there is unpeace. This church-mosque visitation will give us a cultural view of other's place of worship,” he said.

Apilado emphasized that poverty and justice must be addressed, but spirituality must also be given attention.

Adilao said violence has been imprinted in the youth's mind, and the BUC wishes to change that, through efforts such as the MWOP, in partnership with our law enforcers.
"Soldiers are not merely good in holding weapons, they are also good in leading the people to achieve peace," he said.

Father Lamata, Catholic representative of the BUC, stressed on achieving the third objective of the MWOP which is to create a directory of the military and police officers, chaplains, religious leaders and key partners on peace building in Davao City.

"This (the directory) will sustain what has been started by the MWOP and the BUC,” he said.

The group also visited St. Mary's Parish in Buhangin before proceeding to Camp Catitipan, the regional headquarters of the Philippine National Police. (Cherry Concon/MindaNews)