Peace begins in the family

"The source of many corruptions is the family. If there is unpeace inside your family, there is unpeace when you go out", he said in an open forum by Brahma Kumaris Friday.

He said the family is a basic component in achieving peace and a social capital for fighting corruption.

He said that if Mindanao dreams of becoming a peaceful island, the effort to promote peace must begin with each family and that everything else will follow.

"To achieve peace, we must fix our society, but to fix our society, we must first fix our families,” he added.

Amorado said that fighting corruption is full of violence and that it requires one to have peace within so as not to get lost.

"Stability and peace in the family is where I can find peace in this violent work", he said.

But he admitted that it is hard to find peace within most families.

The "family is an emotional institution. Confrontation with them regarding corruption inside the family is a difficult matter,” he explained.

Amorado recounted how he used to believe that peace could be achieved inside the family even in the absence of a father as long as the wife is there to attend to the family's necessities.

"I used to think that my wife can compensate for my being an absentee father. But that caused unpeace inside my family, and this created unpeace also inside me. This did not do any good in my anti-corruption work for it created only turmoil. If fixing our society means fixing our families, fixing our families means fixing ourselves.”

He said he hopes that the MWOP, hand in hand with Brahma Kumaris and other peace organizations, could help families and individuals promote peace within themselves as a first step to a peaceful Mindanao.

Aha! Ehem!, is a joint anti-corruption project of the Philippine Province of the Society of Jesus and the Office of the Ombudsman.