Pimentel to Australian diplomat: prove JI training in Mindanao

Luck told AP that access to those sanctuaries “needs to be shut down,” because “our assumption is that these groups are very persistent, and would continue to try and recruit, and are going to use safe havens anywhere as much as they could.”

Luck spoke on the sidelines of a closed-door counter terrorism conference of Philippine and Australian officials in Manila.

Pimentel said Luck “would do well to identify the so-called Jemaah Islamiyah militants in Mindanao and who trained them. He should share the information with the Armed Forces and responsible officials of the government.”

“If he has solid information about the presence of the Jemaah Islamiyah elements in Mindanao, it would be good for the government to act on it immediately. If

not, the government should protest the officiousness of the Australian ambassador and consider him a persona non grata to the country,” Pimentel said.