SoCot police acts against carnappings

"We really need to set the proper operational strategies and come up with a collective or united front to effectively neutralize these carnapping syndicates," he told reporters.

As of Monday morning, Saliganan said they recorded at least 23 vehicle theft cases in the province since January, mostly involving motorcycles.

However, the figures increased to 24 later in the afternoon after another Honda XRM motorcycle was carnapped at the public market in Surallah town.

Of the 23 cases recorded by their office, Saliganan said 15 of these were motorcycles that were reportedly stolen inside the houses of their owners. The other eight cases happened in public places.

The police official said they have arrested at least five suspected carnappers and filed four cases in various courts in the province since January.

"My analysis is that we can prevent carnapping but vehicle owners should really be more responsible and exert extra efforts to protect or secure their vehicles," he said.

Saliganan said the local governments should also pass an ordinance declaring official parking zones within public places so policemen or private security personnel can easily secure them.

He said owners of business establishments must also come up with their own security measures such as providing security tags to vehicle owners and designate regular security personnel to their parking areas.

"We can't impose this to them but we're hoping that they would adopt it voluntarily," he said.

Of the three shopping malls based in this city, only one has been issuing security tags to vehicles parked within its premises.