Act For Peace Programme sponsors conflict analysis workshop

Various UNMDP key partners in peace building are expected to gather at Felis Resort in Davao City to participate in the said workshop.


Cynthia Guerra, Act for Peace Programme area manager, said various intervention and social preparations being laid at the target peace and development communities in the region would be the highlight of the four-day gathering.


She said that conflict analysis recognizes that conflict is complex, dynamic and recurring in the affected areas.


Guerra added that the workshop aims to enable the participants to describe the different stages, levels and patterns of intensity of conflict over a specific period of time.


This would also provide graphic plotting of key conflict-related and other events against a particular timescale and highlight the various perceptions of the parties in conflict, she said.


Other objectives of the said activity include the illustration of relationship between conflict actors; identify common grounds between groups as basis for intervention; discuss gender issues and dynamics in the context of Islamic perspective and formulate provincial thrust for peace and development in various provinces in Mindanao.


Participants in the said workshop will be coming from non-government organizations, people’s organizations, peace advocates and the media.