Duterte fires weapons expert who sneaked ‘bomb parts’ into aircraft

“His contract is terminated automatically,” Duterte said Sunday in the city
government's television program "Gikan sa Masa, Para sa Masa" (From the
people, for the people) aired over ABS-CBN Southern Mindanao.

Duterte said Macariola apologized to him in a text message and that it was
the last thing he heard from him.

Duterte said Macariola's claim, as reported by the Philippine Daily
Inquirer, was his mistake of "indiscretion" .

"The problem is when he talked to the reporter (Arlyn dela Cruz). And now
it’s two conflicting stories we have," he said.

"He foisted a lie so the nation would know him at my expense. And now I have
to explain to everybody about it," the mayor said.

"Sayang siya," (He is a loss) Duterte said of Macariola who he described as
having good credentials. "Fundamentally, he is good," he said.

Dela Cruz reported on September 1 that a man was able to sneak bomb
components and assembled the same in-flight past tight airport security in
Davao and Manila. The report cited that the man was a "civilian anti-
terrorism expert" tapped by a government official to test security measures
at Philippine airports.

Macariola's latest commitment was as Duterte's consultant on firearms and
ammunition services management from July to December 2006.

Duterte, appointed by President Arroyo since 2003 as a crisis manager in
Southeastern and Southwestern Mindanao, admitted on Sept. 6 he hired
Macariola as a consultant. But the mayor denied he ordered Macariola to test
airport security by sneaking bomb components into a commercial plane.

Macariola told the Inquirer on Sept. 8, seven days after Dela Cruz' report
was published, that there was "really no test, no explosive smuggled in". He
said Dela Cruz's report has "many inconsistencies" .

Dela Cruz, interviewed by GMA-7’s news program "24 Oras", stood by her
report and said Macariola was just yielding to pressure from authorities
embarrassed by the alleged breach.

"It's now a question of fairness," Duterte said.

He said Macariola lied to Dela Cruz, who was just doing her job to tell the

Duterte said Macariola had no business telling reporters what it was that
escaped airport security if it was really for security. "I'm piqued with him
because he told a lie," he said.

The two first met when Macariola was selling his book on weapons to Mayor
Duterte. The book, which Duterte showed to television audiences, was on
Basic Technical Facts about Firearms, Ammunitions, and Explosives.

Macariola, 42, was tapped as instructor and resource speaker in two
trainings on law enforcement weapons to members of the Army's Task Force
Davao and the Philippine National Police in Davao City on September 2-7,

As consultant, Macariola received P10, 400 in monthly salary from the City
Mayor's Office, aside from representation and travel allowances.

Macariola's latest contract as consultant from July to December 2006 was a
renewal of a six-month contract he signed for January to June 2006.

His job entailed giving Duterte advice on firearms and ammunition management
services and providing remedial firearms and safety training for city-paid
law enforcers.

He could also represent the mayor in meetings, dialogues, seminars,
conferences, symposia and other activities related to firearms and
ammunition, and perform other duties and functions as may be assigned by the

Item no. 4 of Macariola's contract stated: "The city government reserves the
right to terminate the services… sooner or at any given time during the
period for violation of the terms and conditions of this contract, for
unsatisfactory performance, and when termination becomes necessary because
of lack of funds, or whenever it is advisable in the interest of economy or
any other cause as may be determined by the City Mayor, or by reasons not
attributable to the city."

Macariola said the Inquirer story "destroyed" his life as "he should have
remained anonymous due to the nature of his job".

The Inquirer reported that Macariola said he would report to
authorities "soon" to clear his name as authorities have mulled filing
charges against him.