Family of NoCot rape-slay victim gets legal assistance

The couple sought the governor’s help during their visit to the provincial capitol. They were teary-eyed as they narrated the tragedy that befell their eldest daughter, who was supposed to turn 13 on Sept. 30.

According to Miraluna, they had to leave their five children by themselves the week of the incident so they could work here in Kidapawan. The couple has no land of their own, so they help harvest rice and are paid with a share of the produce.

One of their children followed Miraluna and Noel here to inform them of the incident.

Miraluna said her daughter was apparently washing clothes at a river when she was assaulted by the still unknown assailant. The young girl’s body was found at a bamboo grove on the opposite side of the river with her hands, mouth, and neck tied with a plastic strip.

A necropsy conducted by Dr. Giovanni Posadas, Matalam municipal health officer, confirmed the presence of laceration and bleeding on the young girl’s sexual organ.

Several bruises and contusions were also noted in the abdomen and head areas, indicating that the young victim was probably hit by her assailant. Strangulation was determined as the cause of death.

"We cannot allow heinous crimes such as this to go unheeded, and justice not served for the victim and her family," Piñol stressed.

We will use all resources within our means to see to it that the assailant is brought to justice and made to answer for his crime," he added.

Miraluna said they decided to ask the help of the governor because they fear they could not sustain legal proceedings in their pursuit of justice due to their poverty. (Williamor A. Magbanua / MindaNews)