UK to import banana chips from NoCot

Maclean said dried fruits are in demand in the United Kingdom but no banana chips are being sold in their stores, which is the second largest chain of supermarkets in the UK.


“A lots of dried fruits coming from the Philippines have already entered our market but we are also interested in selling dried banana in our locality,” Maclean told Piñol.


United kingdom is also interested to import fresh fruits such as durian, marang, rambutan, mangosteen and lanzones from the province.


The provincial government of North Cotabato and Sainbury’s is scheduled to have their exploratory talks in October at the provincial capitol to discuss possible tie ups with local producers.


“This is a very nice development in our province. The United Kingdom is not only interested in our banana chips but also our other tropical fruits,” the governor said.


Piñol has immediately ordered the province’s investment promotion desk to closely coordinate with the fruit growers as well as the banana producer in order to produce more fruits and banana before the exploratory talks in October.