Have pity on my daughter — rape victim’s ma

Merly, mother of Rosita (not her real name), was in tears when she made the appeal in an interview over dxND.

“All I need is your understanding and sympathy. I don’t need all those lies,” she told police and village leaders of Barangay Poblacion.

Merly said she was "really, really hurt" when she heard that one of the purok leaders of Lapu-Lapu Street here told dxND it was not true that Rosita was gang-raped by a group of alleged swindlers sometime last month.

“Rosita has a live-in partner in Lapu-Lapu Street. She’s into taking drugs. She’s a prostitute,” the Purok leader was quoted as saying.

City police director Chief Insp. Leo Ajero also said that their investigation showed no evidence of a gang rape. He said he immediately sent investigators to the area after he heard the report over the radio.

“Based on the testimonies and investigations made by our policemen, we can’t find any rape case here,” said Ajero.

Merly, however, refused to believe what the police and purok leader had said.

“My daughter told me she was raped. I saw lacerations in her sex organ and wounds and blood clots all her body. I even saw a big wound on her head. What does that show?” she asked.

Aida Labina of the City Social Welfare and Development Office said their examination of Rosita showed that she was indeed raped.

Labina observed that Rosita has become wild and unruly after the incident. City social welfare officer Erlinda Doblas sent Rosita to the Davao City Mental Hospital for treatment on Thursday.

“The statements made by our local police and the purok leader do not hinder us from giving what is due to Rosita. At this time, the survivor needs our assistance and understanding,” Labina stressed.