Davao SP OKs P2.6B budget

The budget, submitted by the executive department on Oct. 13, was unanimously approved on second reading without revisions after going through six committee hearings.

The executive department labeled the proposed appropriations as "A budget for peace and progress in Davao City".

About 72 percent of the budget will go to appropriations for offices and departments at P1.85 billion.

The appropriations for offices would be divided into the city's 19 major offices as follows: Office of the City Mayor's (P698 million), City Environment and Natural Resources Office (P212.8 million), City Engineer's Office (P167.62 million), City Council ( P166.7 million), City Health Office (P150.98 million), City Treasurer's Office (P103. 7 million), Office of the City Social Services and Development Office (P78.12 million), City Agriculturist (P42.65 million), City Administrator's Office ( P41.4 million), General Services Office (P36.2 million), City Planning and Development Office (P26 millions), City Veterinarian's Office (P21.33 million), City Accountant's Office (P21.2 million), City Assessor's Office ( P20.4 million), Human Resources and Management Office (P16.2 million), , City Civil Registrar's Office (P15.3 million), Office of the City Legal Officer (P14.89 million), City Budget Office (P10 million), and Office of the City Cooperative Development Office ( P8.67 million).

The Davao City council authorized around P150 million for the payment of the city government's debts in 2007.

The city's economic enterprises are allotted P72.6 million for expenses in establishments such as markets, slaughterhouses, sea port and cemeteries.

Around P70.3 million have been allocated for infrastructure projects. The list includes road development (P28.07 million), buildings and structures (P25.03 million), drainage system (P10.29 million), and the rest for water, electrification, and bridge program.

The council's committee on finance, ways and means and appropriations, which submitted its report on the hearings, noted the P360 million allotted to the City Mayor's office to keep Davao City peaceful and orderly next year.

The peace and order budget is more than half of the total P698 million allotted for the Office of the City Mayor. The remaining budget will be shared among eight units and divisions, including six regular projects under the office of Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

For general administration the allotment is at P231.62 million. The other significant figures in the budget under the city mayor's office is the P40-million fund for health assistance through the Lingap Program and the P25.64-million allocation for the city's traffic enforcement program.

But despite the city's P1.04 billion income from local sources, including P867 million in tax revenues and P65 million income from the city's economic enterprises, more than half of the budget would be sourced from the city's P1.48-billion internal revenue allotment.

The increase in the budget is based on the projected increase of P311.3 million in income next year.

The city government, however, registered an improvement in estimated income from local sources this year, from 35 percent in 2006 to 43 percent in 2007. The ratio of the IRA as source went down from 65 percent in 2006 to 57 percent.