Plan holders in NorthCot to sue CAP for reneging on payments

Governor Emmanuel Piñol said he would convene all CAP plan holders in the province on Nov. 8 and organize them into a group. He said the provincial government has received many complaints against CAP.

Piñol said provincial legal officer Russel Abonado together with legal experts from Davao City would also get in touch with the plan holders to consolidate their complaints.

“The provincial government would lead the action in filing charges against CAP that would give justice to numerous plan holders in my province,” the governor stressed.

He said he was encouraged to pursue the case against CAP because his two daughters are also victims of the pre-need insurance company.

“We will take a legal action against the College Assurance Plan and we will see to it that the money of the ordinary people will be saved,” he said.

He said CAP used the money for investment and that there is no reason for them not to pay their plan holders.

“We were prompt in paying our premium. If we were late in paying, CAP would charge us additional payment. Now that we need our money we can't get it anymore? Where did the people’s money go?” Piñol asked.

“If our national government could do nothing about this problem, your provincial government would lead a legal action to give justice all CAP plan holders in North Cotabato,” he added.

The governor also chided the Senate for conducting a slow investigation of CAP despite receiving many complaints from plan holders all over the country.