Regulatory, peace and order agencies get big slice in Kidapawan?s 2007 budget

The Sangguniang Panglungsod here unanimously approved Monday the P310,395,000 budget, and allotted 45.91 percent of it to general public services, the biggest in the pie. The amount was equivalent to P142,495,197.48.


This amount will be utilized for administrative overhead expenses of various departments that exercise regulatory functions of the city government, programs and projects that promote peace and order in the city.


Mayor Rodolfo Gantuangco said this executive budget was a vital instrument that would translate the plans and programs into concrete accomplishment that the city government hoped in the year 2007.


Gantuangco said all programs and projects of the city government was “anchored on the pro-poor thrust of the national government in addressing the minimum basic needs that would improve the well being in general of the city’s constituents”.


“Government funds are fragile and have its limits. It is therefore imperative that the available resources shall be utilized to programs and projects identified in the 2007 Annual Investment Plan,” Gantuangco said.


Economic services were given 19.56 percent, or P60,703,117.48 “to maintain and develop the business industry and acquiring new development in technology, agri-business including tourism promotion”, according to the City Council.


Councilors also approved the funding of P51,260,000 to Economic Development Fund to help finance infrastructures and other economic enterprise of the city government. The fund was 16.51 percent of the budget.


The social services sector was given P32, 946,935.04, or 10.61 percent of the budget, to allow effective and efficient delivery of basic social and welfare services to marginalized city residents.


The city government also allocated P14, 789,750, representing the five percent-calamity budgetary reserve of the city.


The 40 barangays were given P8.2 million. 


“The approval of our 2007 budget manifest our determination to lay a strong foundation for greater and progressive city. This would also help in providing better future for the Kidapaweños,” Mayor Gantuangco said.