6 nabbed in Kidapawan for selling firecrackers

The operatives also confiscated sacks of firecrackers and other pyrotechnic materials on display.

Inspector Benjamin Mauricio, chief of the city PNP Intelligence and Investigation Division, said the suspects would be charged with violation of North Cotabato Provincial Ordinance No. 286, an ordinance prohibiting the sale and transportation of firecrackers and other pyrotechnic materials.

The non-minors who were arrested were identified as Jay Arañas, Gerald Paigalan and Waida Lominod, all residents of this city.

Mauricio's men allegedly confiscated from the suspects firecrackers worth P20,000.

"They also have no permits to show as proof that their business is legal," said Mauricio.

The campaign of the Philippine National Police against firecrackers would continue until after New Year's Day celebration, he said.

Earlier, Chief Insp. Leo Ajero, Kidapawan police chief, clarified that based on the ordinance even the use of kerosene-powered bamboo cannons to create noise is also not allowed, "as it would only cause harm."

To make the sound coming from a bamboo cannon louder, people would mix calvuro or calcium carbide with kerosene. Calvuro, according to medical experts, is highly  toxic and thus harmful to humans.

The implementation of the anti-firecracker ordinance started in early 2000, Ajero said.

Last year, some 30 people, mostly children, were hospitalized due to firecracker- related injuries, reports said.

"To prevent more injuries this year, we strengthen the campaign against firecrackers, " Ajero said.