Lamitan welcomes tourists

Indeed, town officials are now promoting Lamitan as a tourism destination.


Welcome to Bulingan Falls, described by villagers here as a “crystal clear stream of spring water cascading over twenty feet high flowing through the unusual rectangular block rocks formation surrounded by forest where colorful flora and fauna dwells. “


Cottages made of indigenous materials have been constructed near where the waters fall into a lagoon.


If you prefer beaches “better than Boracay’s,” they say, come to Calugusan, Maloong and Paradise Palm beaches.


Here, you can go sunbathing undisturbed, unlike in crowded Boracay. And when you swim, it helps if you can identify fish species for some of them will likely be your swim-mates.


If you prefer the mountains, let’s move to Lamitan View Park where you can have a panoramic view of  the area. The panoramic view is guaranteed to calm your tired soul, the breeze so soothing you wouldn’t want to leave.


Like Iligan City,  this place still has horse-drawn carriages (calesa).  In these days of electric cars, a calesa ride is such a treat.


If you think you’re lost, go to the nearest police station and have a policeman as your tourist guide. But if you prefer a civilian guide, go to the town's tourism office.


If you want to see the peoples' colorful and diverse culture, visit Lamitan when they are celebrating their foundation day and the Lami-lamihan festival.


But if you want to know more about the place, talk to the townsfolk, go to the museum. There are photographs of significant events there, among others.