Muslims celebrate Eid’l Adha

Eid'l Adha is celebrated yearly to mark the end of Hajj, the pilgrimage to Mecca, to commemorate Prophet Ibrahim’s (Abraham among Christians) act of sacrificing his son, Ismail for God.

In Mindanao, hope for peace is a dominant message as Muslims greet each other and as Christians also greet Muslims a blessed Eid’l Adha.

“May the blessings of Eid’l Adha be upon you always. May Allah have mercy and shower His Grace on you and your family. May you have Peace today and forever. Eid Mubarak,” one message goes.

Other messages: “May our place become more worthy for living in as we welcome 2007;” ““A peaceful 2007;” “InshaAllah the coming year will be a blessing of Allah’s grace and mercy to us all.”

Last year, on the occasion of Eid’l Adha on January 10, President Arroyo issued a statement saying the occasion “offers another opportunity for our Muslim brothers and sisters to renew their faith and exalt their spiritual values towards our common dream of peace for all.”

“The challenges our people are facing and the continuing scourge of terrorism calls on all Filipinos to bind themselves together for shared harmony, progress and prosperity. Our Muslim brethren in this country are an indispensable part of such a vision. And as we embrace each other in the name of peace, we find solace in that sense of belongingness each and every Filipino feels, being one Nation, one People, in a Strong Republic,” she said.

The Office of the Press Secretary has yet to issue a copy of  President’s message on Eid’l Adha today.  

The Hajj is one of the five pillars of Islam. At least once in a Muslim’s lifetime, those who can afford to make the trip are obligated to go on Hajj. Thousands of Filipino Muslims go on pilgrimage to Mecca each year. Before a Muslim goes on pilgrimage, he/she  should cleanse himself or herself by making amends for wrongs committed. (MindaNews)