NBI reports foiled slay try vs Nograles

NBI Deputy Director Reynaldo Esmeralda said they received information a week ago that a group from the "province of Lanao" planned to shoot Nograles when he attends a Christmas party at a hotel in Lanang here Wednesday. Why Nograles, Esmeralda did not say at the press conference he called for in the NBI regional office.

But he acknowledged that Nograles has not reported having received death threats before or after the supposed plot was discovered.

Esmeralda confirmed that Compostela Valley Rep. Manuel "Way Kurat" Zamora has been receiving death threats.

Esmeralda  said they discouraged Nograles from attending the party of the Association of Regional Executives of National Agencies (ARENA) Tuesday at the Grand Regal Hotel upon knowing the plot. He said Nograles did not show up at the party.

Esmeralda said they have a list of names of suspects but cannot reveal it. He said they are still establishing the motive of the plot. But he said that based on the intelligence report, Nograles would reportedly be shot after the party.

The report came in the aftermath of the archiving of the House of Representatives of House Resolution No. 197, convening the House into a constituent assembly to amend the Constitution.

As majority floorleader, Nograles actively participated in pushing for controversial measures such as Resolution 197, which drew public outrage and a call from the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines for the faithful to oppose and protest the move.

Cebu Rep. Manuel Cuenca apologized to his constituents earlier this week for his support to the resolution but church leaders in Cebu rebuked Cuenco because he did not explain why he stood for con-ass and for saying he supported con-ass because it was the stand of his party, Lakas.

Speaker Jose de Venecia has offered no apology.

In a text message forwarded to reporters Thursday, Nograles apologized for the House's move to convene itself as a constituent assembly but did not address his constituents in the first district of Davao City.  Nograles is completing his third and last term.

"Personally, I am sorry for all the traffic jam, con-ass has caused the public in Metro Manila,” his message read.

Massive rallies had been set over the weekend in Manila and also in key cities around the country to oppose charter change, which reportedly forced the House to archive the resolution.

Nograles said the opposition lost its cause to "do battle in the streets" when the House majority archived the resolution and instead batted for  a constitutional convention.