Davao City to strengthen highway security scheme

To date, some 10,000 drivers have been found to be driving without a license.

The City Government has deployed more mobile police personnel and purchased additional motorcycles to add muscle to the traffic management force.

The city has set up modern systems of traffic signalization and re-routing schemes. Experts in 'traffic systems' are monitoring how the new system would work in the hope of eventually perfecting it.

City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte, however, has remained realistic. When asked about the system, he said it "cannot be forced, adjustments have to be made from time to time. Before it can be perfected, it has to go through a process"


Several traffic signals have been set up around the city. Re-routing schemes have also been made in the areas around Bangkerohan and San Pedro.

But Traffic Management Center chief Celso Gempesaw said the system was still in its experimental stage.

Duterte said the matter is "better left to the experts," adding, "we will wait for their report, which will be finalized and submitted for approval of the city".

He added these programs are intended to instill discipline among drivers and to solve traffic congestion.

Davao City started a rerun of the P140-million modern traffic signalization project on Jan. 18, barely a month a after it was first tried and then suspended due to system lapses. Motorists complained that it caused traffic jams, instead of easing traffic flow in the city.

Instead of simultaneous switch-on of the traffic lights in all 29 intersections, as was done in December, the TMC and project contractor Abratique and Associates decided for a gradual implementation. The new traffic lights have since been put on in four ntersections in Matina District.

The contractor will start a P120-million second phase of the project as soon as the first part is fine-tuned, TMC earlier reported.

Meanwhile, in the city government's weekly television program "Gikan sa Masa, Para sa Masa" (From the masses, for the masses), Duterte said the name Traffic Management is a misnomer because mobile police perform other tasks such as arresting violators of traffic rules. He suggested using instead the name Highway Patrol Office. (Vince Perez/MindaNews contributor)