GSIS NorthCOt suspends pension payment while checking database

In a press statement, the GSIS explained that database cleaning is necessary to validate the names of beneficiaries entitled to receive monthly pensions.

“The GSIS is doing its members, pensioners and survivorship pensioners a big favor by addressing this problem before it goes out of hand. GSIS should immediately act on the problem now,” the GSIS said.

GSIS records showed that there are survivorship pensioners who are not entitled to receive monthly pensions but are still receiving such payment.

“Allowing them to receive pension payments even if they are not entitled is tantamount to allowing them to steal money from the pensioners,” the press statement stressed.

The GSIS promised to complete the process by the end of the month. Payment of survivorship pension will resume next month.

The GSIS asked the pensioners to patiently understand the ongoing upgrading to safeguard the best interests of the pension fund.

The GSIS also announced that effective this month, all old age regular pensioners would receive their pension through their GSIS electronic cards.

Pension loan and the 13th month bonus of all GSIS qualified members and retirees will also be credited to the e-card.

GSIS advised those pensioners who do not have e-cards to coordinate with the nearest GSIS office to secure the electronic card that would serve as their ID, savings account, ATM and debit card.

“GSIS would no longer issue checks for the pensioners. All transactions will be through the GSIS e-card,” the press statement said. (Williamor A. Magbanua / MindaNews)