Kidnap suspect nabbed in Bukidnon

Carbon was charged of kidnapping and serious illegal detention of minor and failure to turn over a minor.


CIDG operatives said that the suspect was put under tight security at the jail after they received reports that a group is out to kill the suspect because of his “considerable” and “substantial” knowledge about that group, which the police did not identify.


Carbon claims to be a member of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) operating in Sultan sa Barongis and other towns in Maguindanao. He has likewise claimed that he had worked as security officer of Ustadz Shamir, younger brother of the late MILF chairman Salamat Hashim.

The suspect also claimed that he is an active operative of the Jemaah Islamiah and worked with a certain Commander Ishmael.

Carbon, together with his girlfriend Hazel Tuala, was accused of masterminding the abduction of four-year-old Ralph Ashley Alcular, son of a bank employee here, last October 2005.
Tuala has worked as the Alculars’ baby sitter. She is still at large and is now the subject of a police manhunt, according to Supt. Marcelo Pintac, CIDG-North Cotabato provincial director.

But Carbon, in a radio interview, denied having masterminded the kidnapping of Alcular. He instead blamed a certain Balong, a relative of the victim’s mother, as behind the abduction due to a personal grudge.

Balong, according to Carbon, has linked with a certain Quedan Lim, a resident of Salipada K. Pendatun town in Maguindanao, to kidnap Alcular.

Lim, he said, is a member of the MILF.

But it was Lim that negotiated for the release of Alcular in November 2005, reports from the CIDG said.

Lim and Alcular’s grandfather were reportedly killed a month after they negotiated for the release of the child.

But Carbon told reporters here that Lim is alive and that he has sought refuge in an MILF camp somewhere in South Cotabato.

“It was Lim that killed Alcular’s grandfather,” said Carbon.

Carbon and Tuala were also reported to have died in an encounter somewhere in Maguindanao sometime in December 2005.

It was MILF spokesperson Eid Kabalu who said that said that the bodies of the two were buried in Sultan sa Barongis, Maguindanao.

CIDG operatives in North Cotabato were told that Carbon and Tuala were both alive so they started planning the arrest last December. After weeks of surveillance, they finally arrested Carbon in Valencia town.

Kidapawan City Mayor Rodolfo Gantuangco released this morning P30,000 as reward for the arrest of Carbon.

“With the arrest of Carbon, the Alcular kidnapping, to some extent, is solved,” Pintac said.