More than half of barangays without electricity are in Mindanao

Of the total number of barangays still waiting for electricity, 584 are in Luzon, 430 in the Visayas and 1,260 in Mindanao, as it announced that it will complete its electrification program in all barangays in two years.

The website reported that the national government is confident of attaining this target nationwide in the next two years.

The data was based on the 2006 yearend report released by the office of Cabinet Secretary Ricardo Saludo, which reportedly showed that only 2,274 of 41,945 barangays nationwide have remained without electricity.?

According to the report, as of November this year, 95 percent of the barangays have electricity.

Saludo reportedly said that the Department of Energy (DOE) and the National Electrification Administration (NEA) were "working closely" with the local government units in the barangay-level energization program set for completion in 2008.

Of the figure, 1,162 are scheduled for electrification in 2007 and the remaining 1,112 in 2008. No data was provided on how many more barangays in?Mindanao would have electricity in the target years.

The report was presented on Dec. 28 in Malacañang, the website said. (Walter?I. Balane/MindaNews)