Davao-bound bus robbed

The suspects carted away the personal belongings of the passengers, including their mobile phones, jewelry and cash amounting to P21,300.

Insp. Elias Dandan Pikit PNP chief said the five suspects boarded the Weena bus at Pikit public terminal and sat near the drivers’ seat.

Dandan said the suspects, who carried short firearms, divested the passengers of their belongings, some 600 meters away from the terminal.

The armed men disembarked. They reportedly boarded two motorcycles towards Barangay Batulawan.

The hold up  took place despite the tight security and presence of the military along the Cotabato-Davao stretch.

Dandan recommended to the Weena management to adopt tight security to their unit and if possible have a police marshal in every bus to ensure safety of passengers while traveling the Cotabato-Davao highway.