Mincode: gov?ts view of dev?t work in Mindanao: detached from realities of the people

Detachment is the main cause why development efforts in Mindanao have failed for decades. Hence, why have poverty and conflict remained high in Mindanao, she asked.

Corro said government has used a framework of development based on economic growth, which has failed to deliver.

"Never in the history (of Mindanao) (has) this development trickled into development of the people," she said Monday in her reaction to three presentations on historical analysis of development paradigms in Mindanao.

Corro spoke at the 1st Mindanao Studies Conference dubbed as “Checkpoints and Chokepoints: Learning from Peace and Development Paradigms and Practices in Mindanao".

Despite decades of development aid poured into Mindanao, more than half of Mindanawons remain poor, she said. She said the increasing ratio of the poor was found in areas like the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, where most of the aid was poured.

She said development is not necessarily economic growth and the use of the Gross National Product (GNP) as measure is inaccurate. What applies in other countries does not necessarily apply to Mindanao.

She said the "one size fits all" policy should be rejected in favor of pluralism.

Corro proposed a development framework that is need-based and coming from the communities. Development should be espousing self reliance, is ecologically sound and is rooted on structural transformation.

She cited the need for appropriate mechanisms for self-management and decision-making such as the federalism movement in Mindanao.  

She cited the case of indigenous people who have to struggle against aggression over their ancestral domains amid the entry of mining firms in the guise of development.

"For whom and where is that development?" she asked.