Cop who accidentally killed candidate facing admin charges

Chief Insp. Leo Ajero, city police director, said that PO1 1 Safiro Jubilan Moreno has been placed under his custody since Saturday, just a few hours after the accidental firing.

“Since Sunday, Moreno has been undergoing an administrative proceeding as regards his case,” said Ajero.

On Monday, he underwent a paraffin test and the specimen was brought to the crime laboratory of the regional police headquarters in General Santos City.

Initial findings showed no signs of any gunpowder residue on any of Moreno’s hands.

“That means he did not fire his gun. That everything was just an accident,” said Insp. Benjamin Mauricio, chief of operations and head of the anti-vice and intelligence division.

This does not mean, however, that Moreno is already free from any administrative liability.

“We’re also taking into consideration how safety conscious Moreno was as a gun holder,” Ajero stressed.

Moreno was personally handpicked by second district congressional candidate and human rights lawyer Solema Jubilan to be her escort during the election campaign.

Moreno is Jubilan’s nephew. The Jubilan clan is not keen on filing a homicide case against Moreno.

Gil, Solema’s father, believed that “Moreno did not intend to kill my daughter. We don’t blame him either for the killing.”

Moreno, who looked upset and full of remorse, tried many times to bang his head on the wall of his cell. “If only I can bring back the life of my aunt, I’ll do it again and again,” he said in a radio interview.

Jubilan, member of the Amnesty International, a global organization of human rights lawyer, was also known in North Cotabato as a defender of women and children who were abandoned, abused, and sexually harassed.

She co-authored the province’s gender code, which became a benchmark in terms of protection of women and children.